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Business immigration to Netherlands, also known as:

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  • ● Investor immigration to Netherlands
  • ● Entrepreneur immigration to Netherlands
  • ● Self-employed immigration to Netherlands
  • ● Startup immigration to Netherlands

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Business Immigration to Netherlands

With a surface territory of more than 41,000 km2 and a populace of around 17 million individuals, the Netherlands is one of the world’s most crowded nations. A fourth of the Netherlands’ territory region lies beneath the ocean level. The low-lying territories comprise predominantly of polders, level stretches of land encompassed by barriers where the water table is controlled misleadingly.

The Netherlands, which shares its outskirts with Germany and Belgium, is frequently alluded to as “Holland”, the character of the two western seaside regions, North and South Holland, which are at the center of the nation and have assumed a predominant function throughout the entire existence of the Netherlands. On account of their area on to the Rhine-Maas estuary, these territories are significant for the economy. They likewise contain the nation’s primary regulatory and business urban areas – Amsterdam, The Hague (Den Haag), and Rotterdam. Along with Utrecht, the capital of the territory of Utrecht, they structure the consolidated zone of what is known as the Randstad conurbation, with a populace of around 7 million.

Today, the Netherlands involves 12 territories: North and South Holland, Utrecht, Gelderland, Overijssel, and Flevoland (recovered from the Ijsselmeer) in the middle, Friesland, Drenthe and Groningen in the north, and Zeeland, North Brabant and Limburg in the south.

Dutch is the primary language in excess of 22 million individuals in the Netherlands and Belgium, while in the Dutch area of Friesland a few people communicate in another dialect, Frisian.

The Netherlands is in the time region of UTC+1. Nonetheless, during late spring (March to October) the clock is changed to mid-year UTC+2.

The Netherlands has a calm marine atmosphere with cool summers and gentle winters. The most particular component of the nation topographically – yet additionally strategically and monetarily – is the Rhine-Maas delta with its seaport of Rotterdam, the biggest in the western world. It is here that one finds a break in the climate design, with a milder mainland atmosphere toward the south and a more lively climate design overwhelmed by North Sea winds toward the north.

Dutch society used to be carefully coordinated along strict or philosophical lines with each gathering having its own schools, papers, worker’s organizations, clubs, and so forth Hints of this can in any case be seen today in the media, vested parties, and the instruction framework. Albeit churchgoing is on the disappear, there are two huge strict gatherings in the Netherlands: Roman Catholic and Protestant along with minorities of for instance Muslims, Jews, and Hindus all through the nation. Notwithstanding, almost 50% of the populace has no association with any strict body.

As an open economy, the Netherlands is vulnerable to worldwide turns of events and depends on the agreement. The Netherlands has a long convention of the arrangement, which lives on right up front and customary contacts between worker’s guilds, bosses’ associations, and government. It is an individual from all the significant global associations.

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Special Immigration Support for:

  • ● Business immigration to Netherlands.
  • ● Investor immigration to Netherlands.
  • ● Entrepreneur immigration to Netherlands.
  • ● Self-employed immigration to Netherlands.
  • ● Business immigration program for Netherlands.
  • ● Investor immigration program for Netherlands.
  • ● Entrepreneur immigration program for Netherlands.
  • ● Startup immigration program for Netherlands.
  • ● Self-employed immigration program for Netherlands.
  • ● Residency by Investment for Netherlands.
  • ● Startup immigration to Netherlands.
  • ● Investor Visa for Netherlands.

Special business immigration support for individuals and families.

We provide free consulting for business immigration program for Netherlands, also known as, investor immigration program for Netherlands, entrepreneur immigration program for Netherlands, startup immigration program for Netherlands, self-employed immigration program for Netherlands and residency by investment for Netherlands.

Note* “For certain countries there are programs launched by government for citizenship by investment and residency by investment, also known as, golden visas for fast track application process, please let us know if you are interested in such a program. We provide special assistance for such programs”

Steps followed for Business Immigration to Netherlands

Business Immigration Lawyer for Netherlands will provide detailed documentation assistance for your successful business immigration to Netherlands. Our standard services for Business Immigration to Netherlands includes:

  • ● Free Consultation for business immigration Netherlands.

  • Profile Assessment for business immigration for Netherlands.

  • ● Documentation Services

  • ● Support in drafting business plan for Netherlands.

  • ● Provide Market Research for Netherlands, if required.

  • Work Permit Application for Netherlands.

  • Net Worth Assessment for Netherlands and Immigration business plan for Netherlands.

  • Business Exploratory Visit Assistance for Netherlands.

  • Business Interviews with Incubators for Netherlands.

  • Residency Application Filing for Netherlands.

Extensive Support for:

  • Visa strategy, planning and preparation for Netherlands.

  • Visa filing process for Netherlands.

  • Work Permit Application for Netherlands.

  • Immigration compliance training for Netherlands.

  • Business owners verification training for Netherlands.

  • Family filling and verification training for Netherlands.

  • Employee verification training for Netherlands, if required.

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Business Immigration in Netherlands and Other Services

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When you immigrate to a new country like Netherlands to establish a new business in Netherlands, it become important that you have a good partner for Netherlands, who can provide other supports required by you in Netherlands at affordable prices, to help you to save costs and time.

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Incorporate a Company in Netherlands

As part of business immigration procedure for Netherlands, we help you register company in Netherlands (Our prices are cheaper than any local service provider in Netherlands.)

Offshore Company from Netherlands

If you have offshore business structure for Netherlands, then we can help you setup offshore company from Netherlands.


Bank Account opening in Netherlands

Any investor immigrating to Netherlands would need personal bank account in Netherlands and company bank account in Netherlands, we can also assist with offshore bank accounts.

Business for Sale in Netherlands

Immigration for Entrepreneurs in Netherlands, we can help you buy an existing business in Netherlands that is for sale for your immediate start in Netherlands.


HR Services in Netherlands

Our HR Consultants for Netherlands can help you hire team in Netherlands. Our manpower company in Netherlands can help you with quick recruitment.
Free job postings.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Netherlands

Affordable VoIP services for Netherlands, including virtual numbers for Netherlands and business phones, help reduce cost in Netherlands and 101 countries.

Financial Planning Support in Netherlands

When moving to a Netherlands you would have to plan your finances that is where we step in for working capital financing in Netherlands, equipment financing in Netherlands or be it due diligence for business in Netherlands or accounting we can also help you to get cryptocurrency exchange license from Netherlands.

Virtual Office Address in Netherlands

If you need prestigious virtual office address for your business from Netherlands, contact our business immigration team.
65 international locations
Give your business in Netherlands international wings.


Setup business in Netherlands

Before business immigration to Netherlands, know more about all our supports in Netherlands to setup business in Netherlands, we support honest individuals who want to immigrate to Netherlands based on business and contribute to economy.

All required Solutions provided for Netherlands

Merchant Account Netherlands, and Payment gateway

Use our consultancy for Netherlands, free for business immigration clients for credit card processing in Netherlands with international payment processing.

Startup Immigration to Netherlands and IT Solutions

If you are a startup immigrating to Netherlands or an established business relocating to Netherlands, then you require a strong online presence for Netherlands, we provide below mentioned IT services for Netherlands.

Our Immigration Solicitors in Netherlands and Immigration Law firm in Netherlands

We provide legal business immigration solutions for Netherlands and success for our clients is very important, for Netherlands, we are leaders, our law firm for Netherlands has best immigration solicitors in the Netherlands, we have reputation for delivering best client servicing experience for Netherlands with clear strategic immigration solutions for Netherlands to entrepreneurs and international corporation. Our business immigration team for Netherlands provides crafted solutions for Client`s success.

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