Residency by Investment for Hungary and Golden Visa

We provide Economic Immigration Services in Hungary for:

  • ● Residency by investment in Hungary
  • ● Citizenship by investment from Hungary
  • ● Golden visa in Hungary
  • ● Second passport from Hungary
  • ● Residency by investment for Hungary by investing in real estate

Best Agents for Residency by Investment in Hungary and Lawyers for Residency by Investment in Hungary and brokers for real estate Residency programs in Hungary work in conjunction for client`s protection.

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“1 stop solutions” for all your Residency by investment in Hungary with additional support.


Minimum Investment in Hungary for Residency by investment: EUR 200,000

Introduction Hungary and Residency by Investment

Hungary is a landlocked nation in focal Europe with a zone of 93,028 km2. It has fringes with seven nations – clockwise from the north: Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria.

Hungary is divided by the River Danube, which runs from north to south. There are three significant geological locales: The Great Hungarian Plain or Alfold toward the east of the Danube, Transdanubia, a bumpy area toward the west of the waterway, and the northern slopes. The most elevated point is Kekes (1,014m) in the Matra Mountains. The absolute bottom is close to Szeged (77m), in the south.

Hungary has an open economy, and unfamiliar speculation is viewed as a need. Unfamiliar direct speculation has been fluctuating as of late, however, it has commonly expanded. The biggest unfamiliar speculator in Hungary is Germany, and Austria, the Netherlands, and the USA are additionally significant.

33% of the Hungarian industry is situated in Budapest. Budapest’s retail area has many malls and stores with unfamiliar chains. Hungary is home to various vehicle fabricating plants, for example, Suzuki and Audi.

There are no limitations on unfamiliar money exchanges, and organizations may hold unfamiliar cash without limitations.

Top 10 Facts About Living Conditions in Hungary 

Amazing work-life balance

Joblessness is high in Hungary, with just 68 percent of individuals age 15 to 64 utilized. Of those utilized, 75 percent are men and 61 percent are ladies. Be that as it may, the quantity of representatives working extended periods of time is under 4 percent–much lower than the United States, where 11 percent of workers work extended periods.

Ways of life are almost the most reduced in the EU

As far as GDP, Hungary is positioned 23rd out of the EU’s 28 part states, at 68 percent of the EU’s normal. In the lead position for the area in Austria, which produces at generally twice Hungary’s ability. Another measurement used to decide the government assistance of the shopper, Actual Individual Consumption (AIC), places Hungary second-to-last.

Living space for Humanity is bringing issues to light on lodging disparity

In 2015, the Hungarian government finished lodging backing to almost a large portion of 1,000,000 ruined inhabitants. Before that, a few hundred thousand Hungarians were at that point encountering lodging destitution. A Habitat for Humanity report from 2014 noticed that the greater part 1,000,000 Hungarians lived with defective rooftops and additionally rotten dividers. Simply under portion of the population (44.6 percent) live in packed pads, and 52 percent of Hungarians not living in significant urban communities approach a sterile sewer.

Hungary has general medical services, yet the rate and adequacy of inclusion are low

Despite the fact that Hungary has had widespread medical care inclusion since the 1940s, it actually positions in the base third in the EU as far as nature of inclusion. This is mostly because of low pay rates—clinical experts can’t anticipate getting as much cash in Hungary as they would in other EU part states. The principal issue is attention to healing consideration in clinics, instead of deterrent consideration in other clinical offices.

Hungary has gotten huge unfamiliar venture

Starting in 2018, Hungary has a yearly inflow of $4.3 billion for each capita of the unfamiliar direct venture (FDI), a full recuperation from the stagnation of the 2009-10 monetary emergency. While this is mostly since Hungary has an ideal geological situation for the unfamiliar venture, unfamiliar financial specialists have additionally moved concentration from the generally helpless material and food preparing enterprises to more rewarding businesses, for example, discount, retail trade, and car fix.

Essential and optional instruction enlistment rates are high

For elementary school understudies, enlistment has differed somewhat in the course of recent many years, however, has stayed over 95 percent by and large. At its most elevated, the enlistment rate was 97.2 percent in 2009, and at its least in 2012, at 95.7 percent. For young people in school, the measurements are comparatively acceptable: however there has been a slight ascent since 2014 of the number of teenagers out of school, the general number has drifted at under 5 percent.

Tertiary training needs venture

Just 13 percent of long term old’s have a four-year certification, with 9 percent of that population holding a graduate degree or same. These measurements are low, yet the people who have these degrees are receiving the rewards. Studies have indicated that postsecondary schooling qualifications can possibly twofold one’s profit in Hungary: a four-year college education merits a paid premium of 72 percent, while an expert’s or above can procure 140 percent more than the nation’s individual normal compensations.

Interests in advanced education are in progress

An activity drove by the NGO HE Innovate to put resources into advanced education has been occurring throughout the most recent decade, prodded by a decrease in institutional subsidizing from the state. The focal point of this activity has been to use Hungary’s instructive framework to support monetary and socio-social improvement at the nearby and public levels. This has prompted a checked expansion in funding and start-up creation among scholastics and has caused solid homegrown financial development.

Numerous establishments have been united by the national government

Since his political decision in 2010, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has found a way to combine many favorable to government news sources into a purposeful publicity combination. These activities have been gotten well by some however not also by others — Orban appreciates undeniably more help from people living in rustic territories of Hungary than he does from people living in Hungary’s metropolitan communities.

Hungary’s area has made it a significant relocation center point for outcasts previously

Since a segment of Hungary’s fringe frames the outer outskirt of the European Union, the nation has gotten numerous travelers before. In any case, lately, Hungary has received a harder position on migration, which has radically decreased the number of shelter searchers from the Middle East.

Basic details for Residency by Investment for Hungary

Minimum investment for Residency by investment in Hungary
EUR 200,000
Additional fees for golden visa for Hungary
EUR 20,000
Type of Program
Residency by investment for Hungary
Visa type:
National Permanent residence permit (valid for 5 years)
Processing time for Residency by investment of Hungary
2 weeks
Permanent Residency
After 8 years (dual citizenship allowed)
Dual Citizenship Allowed for citizens of Hungary
Investment Options for Residency by investment of Hungary

Euro-denominated Hungarian Treasury Bonds. Buying real estate or any other investment does not count. After 5 years, the whole investment can be redeemed, although the investor still gets to retain his permanent residency.

Why to go for Residency by investment of Hungary

Hungary has great education system, low cost of living. The country is a safe place with low crime rate. The real estate in Hungary is very low. Country has beneficial taxation system. The residency permit through investment can be obtained in couple of months.

Family immigration in Hungary

After you receive your residence permit based, your closest family members which are your spouse and dependent children can get their permits based on family unification purpose.

Residency By investment program in Hungary insite

The residency permit of Hungary will be given based on the investment in real estate. The straightforward investment method is buying two apartments and renting them for profit purposes. The process will start from you incorporation of LLC in Hungary, which rent the apartments. After you should decide which apartments you want to buy. After this steps you will receive your residency permit from 2 to 3 months. The residency permit should be renewed for three years, after that period you will be granted permanent residency.

Financial requirment for Hungary

The minimum required investment amount is  EUR 200,000. This amount is enough for being able to afford two apartments, which will definitely bring you profit due to growing property market. The additional program fee of EUR 20,000 is required. There will also be a property tax of 4% when you buy the apartments.

Client support for Residency by investment for Hungary

Our Team of Residency by Investment Agents for Hungary and Residency by Investment Lawyers for Hungary provides clients and their families in Hungary with support for citizenship by investment from Hungary, residency by investment from Hungary and other investment immigration opportunities, in 37 countries.

Our services are not just limited to residency by investment from Hungary or Golden Visa from Hungary or citizenship by investment from Hungary or second passport, we also help in best real estate investment opportunities from Hungary, providing full solution if you want to establish a company in Hungary or offshore, human resources in Hungary and much more, which includes financial planning and much more.

Helping our clients with citizenship-based solutions in and from Hungary and secondary residency.

Special Support for Citizens of Hungary:

We provide affordable Residency by investment services for Hungary, through our affordable investment and immigration law firm for Hungary, affordable investment immigration solicitors for Hungary, affordable Residency by investment consultants for Hungary, affordable Residency by investment lawyers for Hungary and affordable immigration consulting firm for Hungary

  • Residency by investment from Hungary to 37 Countries.

  • Golden visa in Hungary to 37 Countries.

  • Citizenship by investment from Hungary to 37 Countries.

  • Second passport from Hungary to 37 Countries.

  • Business Based immigration from Hungary to 106 Countries.

  • Residency by investment programs from Hungary.

  • Golden visa programs in Hungary to 37 Countries.

  • Citizenship by investment programs from Hungary to 37 Countries.

  • Second passport programs from Hungary to 37 Countries.

  • Business immigration programs from Hungary to 106 Countries.

Special Residency by investment support for individuals and families.

Residency by Investment of Hungary through Real Estate

We provide support for real estate investments in Hungary with perspective that client should earn good return on investment in Hungary, whenever, they want to opt out of the investment made by them for their Residency by investment for Hungary. We have tie-up with few best real estate developers in Hungary who have good track record and their property is at good locations in Hungary, fetching best returns.

Best real estate residency programs for Hungary with investment in real estate in Hungary.

Supported Countries for residency by investment

Need to know – Hungary Residency by Investment

  • Residency by Investment Lawyer for Hungary will provide detailed documentation assistance for your successful Residency by investment to Hungary. Our standard services for Residency by Investment to Hungary includes:


    Duration: 1-3 days

    Our lawyers will understand your requirements for relocation from Hungary or to Hungary, based on which suggestions would be made

    Due Diligence

    Duration: 1-3 days

    We conduct initial Due Diligence, to prepare report before recommending Residency by investment for Hungary to clients for obtaining Residence Permit of Hungary and to reduce the risk of refusal.

    Based on due diligence report for Hungary, we also recommend alternate programs for better success.


    Duration: 1 day

    For us to move forward with your Residency by investment application for Hungary we would need scanned copies of client and family members passport.

    Preparation of documentation

    Duration: 1 week

    Translation and apostille of documents Residency by investment application for Hungary. Our specialized lawyers for Residency by investment for Hungary and golden visa will help with filling forms and documentation.

    Filing of documentation

    Duration: Immediate

    Once your and your family`s documentation for Residency by investment application for Hungary is ready, we will fill it with relevant authorities of Hungary.


    Duration: 2 weeks

    Once your and your family`s documentation for Residency by investment application for Hungary is ready, we will fill it with relevant authorities of Hungary.

    Sharing the Good News

    Duration: Immediate

    Once your application for Residency by investment of Hungary is approved, we share the good news with you and start preparing for other supports.

  • We do not support or provide Residency by investment services in Hungary to below mentioned Individuals or businesses in Hungary:

    • Residency by investment services for Hungary are not offered to Traders or distributors of arms and ammunitions from or to Hungary.

    • Residency by investment programs for Hungary are not offered for Technical surveillance in Hungary or industrial espionage of investment programs in or from or to Hungary.

    • Residency by investment consulting for Hungary are not offered for any illegal or criminal activities in Hungary.

    • Residency by investment support for Hungary is not for individuals dealing in Genetic material in Hungary.

    • Residency by investment services for Hungary is not for businesses dealing in dangerous or hazardous biological or nuclear weapons in Hungary.

    • Residency by investment program support for Hungary is not available to individuals for Hungary dealing in trading, storage in Hungary, or transportation of Human organs.

    • Residency by investment for Hungary is not for illegal Adoption agencies.

    • Residency programs service for Hungary are not for Religious cults and their charities in Hungary.

    • Residency by investment services in Hungary is not provided to people dealing in Pornography in Hungary.

    • Our Residency solicitors in Hungary do not support business dealing in drug paraphernalia in Hungary.

    “Important Notice : MM Solutions INC takes reasonable precaution to precure AML documents for clients for Hungary and their KYC but we do not accept any responsibility(s) for any rejection from authorities in Hungary for approval of application for Residency by investment in Hungary.

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      Backed by international Residency by investment experience and Hungary`s legal requirements, we craft best solutions.

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      Our Residency by investment services for Hungary offer the cheapest pricing, with best achievable success rate for Hungary.

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      We have taken years of experience for dual Residency to Hungary supporting clients and their families for Hungary.

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      Experienced Residency by investment solicitors for Hungary and legal agents for Hungary providing support to clients.

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      We have best solicitors and agents for Hungary handling process and application who are committed for your success.

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      Before your Residency for Hungary and after approval, our senior team member would be there for business or personal support for Hungary

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      We have international experience in Residency by investment including Hungary, helping clients from all over the world with best services.

    • Global Footprint

      In case, your Residency by investment to Hungary fails, there are 36 more countries that we service, we are ready with plan B.

  • Calculate cost for Residency by Investment to Hungary

    To calculate cost for Residency by investment for Hungary please fill in all details including family members and their age. Due to large number of clients for Hungary, we are able to provide better services at low cost. Calculations will, includes, cost for Residency by investment program for Hungary and other charges.



    Parents over 55


    No of parents :


    No of children up to 18 years :
    No of children over 18 years :

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Residency by Investment in Hungary and Other Services

We have listed down few more services that we provide in Hungary for immediate or future requirements.

If you are planning to move with your family to Hungary by investing, we as your partner for Hungary, are there to provide lots of other service as and when you might require in Hungary at affordable prices.

Apart from Residency by investment consulting for Hungary, we provide business, IT and HR services also in Hungary, which you cannot find under one umbrella provided by any other consultants for Hungary making us one-stop shop for Hungary and 106 countries.

“We have invested years of experania and globally in 106 Countries to help families, individuals, and businessesience for Hungary in achieving their goals and aspirations.”

We support our client’s way beyond Residency by investment for Hungary with help of our lawyers, consultants and tie-ups in Hungary and internationally.

Company in Hungary

We can help you register a company in Hungary or Offshore and 106 Countries (Cost of registering a company in Hungary is cheaper with us.)

Bank Account in Hungary

Any investor immigrating to Hungary would need personal bank account in Hungary and company bank account in Hungary, we can also assist with offshore bank accounts.

Payment gateway in Hungary

Incase you need consulting in Hungary, for digital payment solutions in Hungary like traditional or fintech payment gateway in Hungary or crypto solutions, let us know.

Existing business for Sale

After Residency by investment to Hungary if you plan to start a business by buying existing business in Hungary for instant start in Hungary.

HR Services in Hungary

Our human resource company in Hungary can help you with quick recruitment. You can also post vacancies in Hungary free.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Hungary

Business phone systems for Hungary along with virtual numbers for Hungary 102 countries and 291 Cities.

Financial Planning Services in Hungary

Accounting, due diligence in Hungary and lot more.

Virtual Office Address in Hungary

Virtual office address at 65 international locations.

Setup business in Hungary

After Residency by investment to Hungary, setup business in Hungary.

IT Solutions

We provide below mentioned IT solutions in Hungary

  • Web Designing in Hungary

  • Ecommerce Development in Hungary

  • Web development in Hungary 

  • Blockchain development in Hungary

  • App Development in Hungary

  • Software Development in Hungary

  • SEO in Hungary

Lawyers for Residency by Investment in Hungary

We provide legal Residency by Investment solutions for Hungary and success for our clients is very important, for Hungary, we are leaders, our law firm for Hungary has best immigration agents also in Hungary, we have reputation for delivering best client servicing experience for Hungary with clear strategic investment solutions for Hungary individuals and their families. Our Residency by investment team for Hungary provides crafted solutions for Client`s success.

Important Points:

We do not charge extra for obtaining Power of attorney. If you plan to start company registration for Hungary remotely, your power of attorney should be properly legalized to be used on the territory of Hungary. Depending on the country of your residence, it should be either apostilled or legalized by the consulate of Hungary.

Frequently Asked Questions – Residency by Investment in Hungary

Professional Residency by Investment Guidance for Hungary

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Link to Department of Immigration of Hungary , responsible for formulating policies for accelerating Immigration in Hungary
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