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Introduction – Human Resources market in Belarus

Belarus has for quite some time been known as a nation seeking after a multi-vector international strategy planned for building productive associations with accomplices over the world. As of late, it has earned a strong spot among top worldwide business-accommodating reformers. Belarus offers outside organizations an incredible number of inclinations, including charge motivating forces. Furthermore, the extension to Belarus implies nearness in a typical EAEU showcase, one of the quickest developing markets in the world. Business today is clearly about individuals, implying that procedures, practices, and HR inclines in 2020 are inconceivably differing – as they ought to be. Notwithstanding, certain most recent HR patterns are oftentimes included in yearly pattern reports, features, and springing up during industry-driving occasions.

Main Industries in Belarus

Belarus has a very much evolved modern part, which represents around 26% of the nation’s GDP. A portion of its primary ventures are:

  1. tractors and horticultural gear
  2. car industry
  3. electrical hardware and family unit machines
  4. radio gadgets
  5. hr industry
  6. synthetics
  7. materials

Most recent HR patterns and improvements inside the field have affected the utilization of the term HR itself. As HR is creating, the term ought to be better by the work that is done: the term ‘HR’s could suggest that individuals are an asset that can be utilized simply like apparatus. As HR keeps on developing, patterns will go back and forth. A few associations have just grasped these patterns, while others are lingering a long way behind due to being not able to envision the future, absence of information, or numbness.

Belarus, officially the Republic of Belarus, a Nations Online nation profile of the former Soviet republic. The landlocked country in Eastern Europe borders Russia toward the northeast, Ukraine toward the south, Poland toward the west, and Lithuania and Latvia toward the northwest. 

With an area of 208,000 km², Belarus is the largest landlocked country in Europe; compared, it is somewhat smaller than the island of Great Britain (229,848 km²), or marginally smaller than the US state of Kansas. 

Belarus has a population of 9.4 million individuals (in 2020). The capital and largest city is Minsk. Communicated in languages are Belarusian (official) 24%, however, 70% speak Russian (official), there are small Polish-and Ukrainian-speaking minorities. Ethnic Belarusians, who speak a language firmly related to Russian and Ukrainian, make up more than 3/4 of the population.Potatoes, tractors, and is perhaps the least fortunate country in Europe by total wealth. Belarus is known as the last country in Europe run by a dictator (Alexander Lukashenko). 


Belarus is the country with the most minimal joblessness rate in Europe, and no, it isn’t part of Russia. In any case, the predominantly communicated in the language is Russian, not Belarusian. They have five Nobel Laureates in Belarus, and two Israeli presidents were brought into the world in the country, which is presently Belarus, Chaim Weizmann, and Shimon Peres. Also brought into the world in Belarus was the artist Marc Chagall. 

About 40% of the nation is forested; Białowieża Forest is one of the last and largest remaining parts of the huge primeval forest that once extended across the European plain. Most Belarusians are hospitable and inviting individuals. There is a striking gambling industry (just in Minsk)After seven decades as a constituent republic of the USSR, Belarus attained its independence in 1991. It has maintained nearer political and monetary connections to Russia than any of the other former Soviet republics. Belarus and Russia marked a treaty on a two-state association on 8 December 1999, envisioning greater political and financial integration. 

Although Belarus agreed to a framework to carry out the accord, genuine implementation has yet to take place. Since his political decision in July 1995 as the country’s first president, Alexander LUKASHENKO has steadily consolidated his force through authoritarian means. 

The Constitution amendment by national submission of 24 November 1996 gave the administration greatly expanded powers and became compelling on 27 November 1996, updated again on 17 October 2004, removing presidential service time restrictions. 

Government limitations on the right to speak freely and the press, peaceful assembly, and religion continue. Belarus is a secured nation, where you will turn out to be pitifully enamored with its pleasant nature, broad Park territories in urban communities, various stores, lakes, and waterways, agreeable expenses for all that you need. The Republic of Belarus is an ideal spot for a peaceful life, in case you would favor not to manage megacities, boisterous boulevards, clogged driving conditions, and the absence of greenery. Belarus has brisk and secure postal assistance, anyway nearby occupants will in general purchase their merchandise in towns and urban areas in business areas and local shops. Belarus has probably the most elevated degree of ladies in the workforce of any nation, and ladies have key positions in the training, social insurance, correspondences, fabricating, and horticultural areas. 


The primary accomplices for exchange send out are Russia, Germany, and China, with exchange all through Europe in items, for example, petrochemicals, plant hardware, and fertilizers. Employment opportunities decrease in nation territories, yet untalented laborers and tradesmen can make an astounding living. The economy in Belarus is improving, and this is reflected in the developing number of administrations accessible. The administration area speaks to around two-fifths of GDP and uses the greatest part of the work power. 

The fast improvement of business and creation in the Republic of Belarus has seen a flood in labor relocation and numbers increment in the foreign workforce. Because of the low level of joblessness in Belarus, there has been a significant move in the nice variety of outside inhabitants showing up in the nation on working permits. The nation is as of now making its way to invite skilled laborers from all around the globe. The salary range for individuals working in Belarus is typically from 574.00 BYR (minimum salary) to 1,782.00 BYR (most elevated average, the actual maximum salary is higher). 

This is the total month to month salary including rewards. Salaries vary drastically among various occupation categories.

Why us as HR Partner for Belarus?

“We understand that you have a business to run, let our HR consultants in Belarus handle complexities of HR processes for you, offloading of recruitment for Belarus from head hunting for Belarus to payroll management system for Belarus or even entire HR outsourcing for Belarus, we do it all for your business at very low cost.”

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HR Services Offered in Belarus

Talent acquisition in Belarus

Our talent acquisition team in Belarus helps employer in identifying and acquiring in Belarus skilled candidates who can support business requirements for Belarus. Our talent acquisition company in Belarus takes over and helps to identify the candidate in Belarus, further in searching for candidates in Belarus or internationally, assessing and then in recruiting the candidate for Belarus so that the vacancy for Belarus can be filled. Talent acquisition team for Belarus takes care of HR planning in Belarus, following HR trends and in building pipeline in Belarus for future talent acquisition.

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PEO in Belarus

  • We manage the entire hiring process in Belarus, on boarding, as well as documentation.
  • We maintain employee benefits in Belarus which includes health insurance in Belarus and other mandatory HR norms in Belarus
  • We manage payroll and attendance in Belarus.
  • We deal with employee issues in Belarus, concerns and problems, to improves client’s efficiency.
  • Tax reporting related for HR in Belarus is done by us and all necessary records maintained for Belarus are given to the client at the end of financial year.
  • We have team of HR professionals in Belarus who respond to any questions of employees in Belarus regarding benefits, HR processes, payroll, and labor laws.
  • We ensure compliance in Belarus, regarding, local laws and regulations of Belarus.
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Executive search in Belarus

At Million Makers HR Labs in Belarus our executive recruitment consultants working with our executive recruiting company in Belarus offers expertise and local contacts in Belarus for your quick executive search. Our objective is to “support our clients in Belarus to succeed with right leadership!”. every search engagement for Leadership position in Belarus is customized for specific objective of your business in Belarus. Our international networks and local network in Belarus with experience for Belarus amplifies our capacity to identify the right candidate.

We can help you in Belarus to fill up your key position for Belarus!

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For executive search consultancy in Belarus

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Employment outsourcing in Belarus

Our HR team in Belarus manages your employees best suited for small and medium business in Belarus who want to outsource almost all HR processes and focus on their business in Belarus, including, payroll also. For our employment outsourcing services in Belarus, we add great value and our global expertise for your business in Belarus at a competitive price. We hire employee for you in Belarus at a fee saving time for business activities.

Our employment outsourcing company in Belarus helps with on-boarding, payroll in Belarus and tax processing in Belarus, also.

We collaborate with you in Belarus as your co-employer, which means that our team for Belarus will hire employees for your business in Belarus and we will manage your employees in Belarus, their paperwork, forms, training and development in Belarus, monitoring, legal documents in Belarus, payroll, taxes in Belarus, employee’s compensation in Belarus.

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Recruitment process outsourcing in Belarus, also known as, RPO in Belarus

We provide personalized HR outsourcing solutions in Belarus to help your business grow in Belarus and other locations by managing your over all human resource management for Belarus. Under recruitment process outsourcing service for Belarus, our team professional team placed for Belarus, takes responsibility of your HR operations in Belarus starting from resume management, screening candidates in Belarus, interview scheduling, on-boarding in Belarus taking care of off-site and also on-site to fulfil your hiring requirement.

After years of experience in Belarus, we understand country`s culture and business environment providing us strong leverage to support you in Belarus to recruit after evaluation of a good candidate.

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International Recruitment in Belarus or Foreign Recruitment in Belarus

We help employer in Belarus to recruit the best manpower resources in Belarus at affordable costs.

Recruitment both domestically from Belarus or if needed, recruit internationally for Belarus.

“This is our forte and we have been helping clients for decades.”

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Value Added Services for Belarus.

HR Consulting for start-ups in Belarus and small businesses in Belarus

If you are a startup or small business in Belarus looking for HR consulting and solutions? If you need help with planning for HR processes in Belarus?

We at Million Makers can partner with you for Belarus to help you with company formation in Belarus, also, to understand the legal & tax requirements in Belarus, along with, recruitment of employees in Belarus, so that, you can focus on your business in Belarus.

Special HR management consulting support:

Knowledge transfer for legal HR requirements in Belarus.

Recruitment of team in Belarus.

Employee benefits planning in Belarus.

Set up of organizational payroll services in Belarus.

Headhunting for small businesses in Belarus.

Right HR approach for your business in Belarus.

PEO services at affordable price in Belarus.

Cost reduction in Human resources planning in Belarus.

Hire us today as your HR consultant for start-up or small business in Belarus, HR company for start-up or small business in Belarus, HR outsourcing company for start-up or small business in Belarus, HR outsourcing firm for start-up or small business in Belarus, HR agency for start-up or small business in Belarus, payroll company for start-up or small business in Belarus for small business HR consulting in Belarus or for HR consulting to make your start-up in Belarus a success!

Staffing Company and Manpower Company for Belarus

If an employer is not able to find the right candidate in Belarus then our manpower consultancy company for Belarus, also known as, recruitment agency for Belarus, recruitment firm for Belarus, recruitment agency for Belarus, manpower company for Belarus, manpower firm for Belarus, manpower agency for Belarus, staffing company for Belarus, staffing firm for Belarus, staffing agency for Belarus, employment company for Belarus, employment firm for Belarus, employment agency for Belarus can help clients for hiring from other countries at affordable salary.

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Free human resources consultancy in Belarus.

Immigration and Human Resources Belarus

We have been helping companies in Belarus, with fulfilment of organizational Immigration requirements for Belarus like:

  • International Talent Recruitment of Belarus.
  • Work Permit of Belarus for foreign employees.
  • Residency Application filing in Belarus for directors and team.

Need to know – Belarus Human Resources

  • We Offer Our Clients in Belarus

    • Operations reviews and HR audits in Belarus

    • Regulatory legal compliance in Belarus

    • Employee handbook and policy development in Belarus

    • Talent development in Belarus

    • Evaluate company culture and career mobility

    • Assist with recruiting in Belarus, pre-employment assessments and interviews

    • Immigration Solutions in Belarus

    • Improve inefficient processes in Belarus

    • Performance management in Belarus and employee engagement

    • Talent planning in Belarus

    • Retention strategy in Belarus

    • Supervisory training in Belarus

    • HR Risk mitigation in Belarus

    • Change management planning in Belarus

    • Employee on-boarding/off-boarding in Belarus

    • International HR Expansion from Belarus and support

  • We service the following industries:

    • Banking

    • Business Process Outsourcing

    • Infrastructure and Construction

    • Education

    • Food & Beverage

    • Health Care

    • Manufacturing

    • Hydropower

    • Insurance

    • Information Technology

    • Legal Services

    • Travel & Tourism

    • Petrochemicals

    • Research & Development

    • Financial Services

    • Crypto Industry

    • Telecommunications

    • Agricultural Production & Research

    • Automobile

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      All your human resources requirements in Belarus, HR planning for any scale of business in Belarus.

    • Tailor Made Approach

      Backed by international HR experience and Belarus`s HR environment, crafted human resources solutions.

    • Competitive Pricing

      Our HR outsourcing company in Belarus offers the lowest pricing, as compared to other local HR companies of Belarus.

    • Strong Industry Expertise

      We have taken years of experience in HR industry in Belarus helping startups, small businesses in Belarus and big giants.

    • Wealth of Experience

      Experienced HR professionals for Belarus and HR specialists for Belarus providing wealth of their experience to clients.

    • Quality

      We have best professional in human resources for Belarus committed to your success in HR domain in Belarus.

    • 1 Point of Contact

      We allocate 1 dedicated professional in Belarus, who will coordinate for all your HR needs.

    • Unique Cultural Awareness

      We have international experience including Belarus, to provide you only the best!

    • Global Footprint

      We are international HR company in Belarus providing best human resources support.

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Note* Belarus employers or HR team in Belarus might not want to show vacancies in Belarus publicly due to privacy policy.

Legal HR Services Offered in Belarus

Human Resources Attorney in Belarus

Legal services in Belarus, related to HR norms and litigations for Corporates in Belarus and Companies in Belarus. Special legal support for our clients.Free legal assistance in Belarus for human resources issues and concerns in Belarus.

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Due Diligence and Compliance

Our HR Compliance team in Belarus provides extensive support to keep you legally complaint as per Human resources laws and guidelines issued by the Government ministry in Belarus for human resources.

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