Partnership Program

Partnership, affiliate and franchise

We provide business opportunities towards our:

  • ● Partnership programs
  • ● Partners programs
  • ● Partners marketing program
  • ● Franchise opportunities

No Investment required

Bring your team and earn incentive.

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We welcome partners, affiliates, franchise for our partnership programs, affiliate programs, partnership opportunities, business opportunities, affiliate opportunities, affiliate business opportunities, affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing programs for our affiliate company and affiliate network, at the same time, also providing opportunities for franchise under our franchise programs, franchise opportunities, franchise business opportunities and franchise business opportunities.

Zero Investment | High commissions | Team Support

Recruit your team anywhere in the world

Overview of Partnership Program

Get Business Expansion Support of up to $2000 after 3 successful and qualified sales, applicable for, Franchise Program, Partnership Program and Partners Program.

We provide global partnership opportunities creating Partners opportunities and Franchise opportunities across a wide range of services, like: Business Consultancy, Immigration Services, Family Consultancy, Legal Advisory, Strategic Advisory, Financial Consultancy, Investor Immigration Services, Business Consultancy, Visa Assistance, Job Consultancy, Audit and Compliance, Company Formation, Visa Assistance, Accounting Outsourcing, Trade Mark Registration, Bank Account Opening, Real Estate Advisory, HR Outsourcing, Head Hunting, Talent Acquisition, Education Consultancy, IT Services, Business Opportunities, Business Valuation.

Our aim and vision is providing multiple business opportunities which does not require capital investments and to build and maintain long–term partnerships and relationships with Business owners, Tax Advisors & Chartered Accountants, Lawyers & Legal Practitioners, Business Consultants, Financial Companies, Trade Associations, Free Lancers, skilled Intermediaries, corporate service providers, Immigration Service Providers and regular customers from around the globe. We provide you required and specialised training to service your clients. We manage and service your clients on your behalf, if required.

Partnerships, partners, partnership opportunities, affiliates, affiliate marketing, franchises, franchise opportunities

Support for partners, affiliates and franchise

Monetize your contacts and worldwide

You can use our international experience for your clients and also for your team to monetize your contacts and globally to provide, services, like, immigration services, business consulting services like, company formation, bank account opening, education consulting, payment gateway consultancy, work permit assistance, real estate assistance, human resources consulting, investor immigration programs, business immigration assistance, IT solutions, virtual offices, VoIP services, including, and international virtual numbers, CRM solutions, legal services and much more.

Recruit your own team and use your network

You and your team can refer to sell our services serviced by professional who are masters in their field to your friends, colleagues, existing clients.
“Generate client leads through traditional and online lead generation methodologies.”

Generate Leads and internationally

We provide training for partners, franchise and affiliates along with templates and banners and also other promotional material, adapted for, market to promote our services and online. We together can work and design any specific campaign specific to your requirements.

Training Support

You can recruit your team or internationally, to enable to you to earn more on business done by your team.
*We do not run any MLM scheme, no joining fees only referrals.

Marketing Support

Our team of experts for every particular service will train, guide and assist you, your clients and your team to make sure that you succeed, we can even handle your clients or elsewhere directly for you and also keep your name confidential, if needed.

Hire your own team

You provide services directly to your clients and we also provide you opportunity to hire your team and earn on business done by them or internationally.

Important Points:

  • Once partnership application request is approved, partner, affiliate or franchise is provided with income slabs for services provided to start his / her business.

  • No investment needed to start business and recruit team.

  • Business done by you or your team or worldwide.

  • We give you a platform to sell and market our services and provide you training to establish your business.

  • When you refer your team member, you earn 3% on your referral`s income. “There is no limit on number of team members.”

  • When your direct referral recruits, you get 2% on their referral’s earnings. “Creating more earning potential for you.

  • As your team keeps growing under direct referral`s recruits, partner(you) get 1% on their earnings.

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Who Can Join our Partner Programs and Referral Programs

Our partnership programs have been designed to provide business and earning opportunities to everybody whether the person is business owners, professionals or freelancers or housewives.

Register and get approved.

  • Influencers

    Influencers typically use partnership programs to earn commissions and bonuses.

  • Non-Influencers

    We offer perks to non-influencers, where they can create their own team.

  • Business Owners

    Business owners can very effectively use partner program to start a new business and add our services to their bouquet of products and services.

  • Clients

    Our Clients can also partner and earn revenues on their referred clients and also form their own team.

  • Freelancers

    Partner program can be very effectively utilized by freelancers by promoting our services.Work when you want!

  • Tax Advisors & Chartered

    Increase your reach and at the same time we can collaborate for providing your services.

  • Lawyers & Legal Practitioners

    Lawyers & Legal Practitioners can collaborate with us for providing services to our clients.

  • Trade Associations

    We provide services in almost all the parts of the world including by collaborating, services can be utilized by both the parties.

  • Travel Operators

    By collaborating with us, you can suggest and sell our services to your existing clients and increase your revenues.

  • Business Consultants

    By collaborating with us, number of services offered to your existing clients can be increased.

  • Housewives

    Affiliate program can be very effectively utilized by housewives by promoting our services in free time.

  • Immigration Service Providers

    Immigration Service Providers can increase their reach and add-on a huge bouquet of Countries for clients.

Everything You Need to Know

Advantages of our partnership programs

Applicable for services provided and globally


    Provide international services.


    One Service Provider for all services.


    No investment required to kick start.


    There is no limit on referral team.


    Specialized training to service your clients.


    Acceptance of partners and affiliate and everywhere.


    Personalized service and detailed assistance.


    Get paid for your sales and on your team`s sales


    NO HOLDS. Monthly payment for previous month's earnings.


    All your income slabs for every service, right in your Dashboard.


    We handle all the paperwork for you and your clients.


    We handle your client without mentioning your name (if required).

Earning illustration for partners, affiliates, franchisees and referrals

Disclaimer* The above figures and values are illustrative only and in no way reflect the actual earning. Earnings totally depend on the Services that Partner sells and markets and are dependent on Final Closure and Final payment received from their referred clients.

Million Makers Care

Experience the difference.


Care build with you in mind.

  • Personalized service

    We provide personalized support for affiliates and franchises.

  • Tailor Made Approach

    Backed by international partnership program experience and legal requirements, we craft best solutions.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our partnership program offers affordable pricing for your clients with high success rate.

  • Strong Industry Expertise

    We have taken years of experience in servicing partners to support their clients and team.

  • Wealth of Experience

    Experienced team with experience to solve most complex issues.

  • Easy Point of Contact

    There will be one person allocated to your account to provide your clients best service.

  • Unique Cultural Awareness

    We have international experience to service partners including, helping affiliates from all over the world.

Supported countries for partners, affiliates, franchisees and referrals

Value added services provided by us under franchise program, affiliate program and partnership program for franchise opportunities, affiliate opportunities and partnership opportunities respectively.


Strategic Planning Recommendations

Strategic immigration program planning that can help you meet your global mobility goals and aspirations in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Hand Holding and Patience

We very well understand that the entire process is for you and your family’s future and you would require a lot of guidance and hand holding through the entire process. Don`t worry we are there for you!

Client Training

Client Training

We understand that immigration is often a very complicated field and believe that true relationship involves sharing of information. At Million Makers we offers our clients training on a wide range of immigration topics. We work very patiently with our Clients.

Review Meeting

Review Meeting

We periodically meet our client or have video conferencing, depending on their availability. These meetings are corporate goals, policies or practices that could affect their immigration program, analyse and determine potential program modifications. We do not charge anything extra for these consultancies and meetings.

Disclaimer for Partnership program

We do not franchise, affiliate or partner or take referrals from below mentioned Individuals or businesses:

· Partnership program is not available to traders or distributors of arms and ammunitions.

· Partners programs is not available for technical surveillance or industrial espionage.

· Franchise program is not available for any illegal or criminal activities.

· We do not offer referral program to individuals dealing in Genetic material.

· We do not accept affiliates dealing with dangerous or hazardous biological or nuclear weapons.

· We do not accept partners dealing in trading, storage, or transportation of human organs.

· Partnership program is not for illegal adoption agencies.

· We do not accept affiliates who are part of religious cults and their charities.

· Partnership program services is not provided to people dealing in Pornography.

· Our residency solicitors do not support business dealing in drug paraphernalia.


“Important Notice : MM Solutions INC, takes reasonable precaution to precure AML documents for partners, affiliates and franchise and KYC but we do not accept any responsibility for their wrong doings.

Services offered by Partners, Affiliates and Franchise

We have listed down few services that our partners, affiliates and franchises can offer to their clients and these services can be offered from 106 countries, including, with support from certified professionals from respective fields.

Providing these services and 106 Countries through partners, affiliates and franchises through referrals and direct sales under partnership program, affiliate program, franchise program and referral program.

“We support our partners, franchise and affiliates to sell and recommend services from 106 countries.

Business Services for 106 countries

HR Services

Partners, affiliates and franchises can recommend their clients looking for HR services and earn on revenue generated.

Employee recruitment

HR Consulting

Talent Acquisition

 Employment Outsourcing

 Recruiting Process Outsourcing

 Executive Search

Financial Services

If your client needs consulting.

 Business valuation services

 Financial consulting

 Working capital financing

 Equipment financing

 Due diligence and compliance

 Financial consultation for starting business

Real estate services

Earn money by recommending your clients for real estate services in 106 countries.

Commercial Property for sale and Office for rent

Land for sale

Agricultural land for sale

House for sale

Apartment for rent

Provide Real estate services

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Immigration Services for 106 countries

Provide immigration related services to your clients like:

Certified immigration professionals would be handling your client`s application procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions – Parnership Program

How much do I Need to invest to start business?
Zero, You do not need to invest even a single penny, rather, we invest to your training, development and support.

Franchise Program | Affiliate Program | Partnership Program

Can you help me make money?
Of course our team of experts for every particular service will always stand, train, guide and assist you, your clients and your team to make sure that you succeed, we can even handle your clients directly for you and also keep your name confidential, if you want.

Franchise Programs | Affiliate Programs | Partnership Programs

Is it a Ponzi scheme?
If you are not investing, then how can it be a Ponzi scheme. You become our partner and provide specialized services.

Franchise Opportunities | Partnership Opportunities | Affiliate Opportunities

Do you have a referral program?
Yes, we will pay you 3% of the earnings of each Partner you refer to us.

Franchise Opportunity | Partnership Opportunity | Affiliate Opportunity

What is The business structure?
Please check our Partner`s business structure, we have tried to explain in detail there.

Franchise Program | Partnership Program | Affiliate Program

Who do I sell to?
You and your teams can Sell and refer our services to friends, relative, colleagues, existing clients and can also generate clients leads generate through traditional and online lead generation methodologies, we ca guide and support you in the process.

Partnership Program | Franchise Program | Affiliate Program

Are the prices / fees for services inflated?
No the prices / fees are not inflated, as a matter of fact, we are one of the most competitive in pricing for services provided.

Partnership Opportunity | Franchise Opportunity | Affiliate Opportunity

Do you have any limit on referral program?
No, there is no limit on number of partners you can refer to us. Partner gets 3% of his referral`s income plus 2% on their referrals earnings plus 1% on entire hierarchy below Direct referral`s referrals.

Referral for Partnership Opportunity | Referral for Franchise Opportunity | Referral for Affiliate Opportunity

Do I earn any money on referral of my referral?
Yes, we will pay you 3% of the earnings of each Partner you refer to us and 2% on their referrals earnings plus 1% on entire hierarchy below Direct Referral`s referrals.

Partnership Opportunity | Affiliate Opportunity | Franchise Opportunity

What forms of payment do you offer?
Currently we offer payment via card transfer, bank transfer, ewallets like PayPal, Alipay, Skrill, We Chat Pay, also through cryptocurrencies. Million Maker Cares so don`t worry, we use 150 payment methods to pay our partners.

Partnership Opportunity | Affiliate Opportunity | Franchise Opportunity

When do you pay?
We pay monthly for the previous month's earnings. No holds.

Franchise Opportunities | Affiliate Opportunities | Partnership Opportunities

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What is the default minimum payment?
There is no minimum payment, you get what you earn but not less than $20, if it is less than $20 then it is carried forward to the next month.

Partnership Opportunities | Affiliate Opportunities | Franchise Opportunities

What promotional tools are available?
Written Material, Email Templates, Banners, email creatives, and much more. Plus we can also provide you with anything you may need.

Partnership Program | Affiliate Program | Franchise Program

Can I utilize my National and international contacts?
Yes you can utilize your National and Global contacts and relationships to sell / refer / recruit your team to provide, services, like, Immigration Services, Company Formation, Bank Account Opening, University Admissions, Merchant Accounts, Work Permit Assistance, Visa Assistance, Real Estate Advisory Assistance, HR Outsourcing, Investor Immigration Programs, Business Immigration, VoIP Services, Customized Websites, Virtual Office and International Virtual Number Solutions, CRM integration packages, Trade Mark Registration and all the other services.

Professional Guidance for partners and affiliates

Request Free consultation to get franchisee

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