Turn around Consultancy

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Turn around Consultancy

We at Million Makers first focus on making the business successful, as well as, liquidation planning and creditor induced restructuring. We all know More sales, bigger deals and more customers are the best tools to solve financial crises and in returning the enterprise to healthy business cycle. We focus on preserving owner`s equity and also try to engage senior leadership team, front line employees and business partners in the turnaround process cycle.

Companies facing with extreme challenges, hire our turnaround specialist to get help for them to get back on track.

We help companies by providing consulting on a short term project basis and also on lond term strategic basis. One of the biggest benefits of hiring our professional team is to bring objectivity. Objectivity by providing an overview and recommendations and introduce processes that are in the best interest of the company.

If the company has hit a temporary rough patch due primarily to exculpatory circumstances, like a broad economic downswing or an industry slowdown, might get by with hiring our experienced turnaround specialist. This is much less turbulent and disruptive than bringing in a turnaround specialist. However, if the issues are deep, like a bankruptcy or a failed merger or ownership transition, then usually, it is the only way to save the company.

We usually mutually decide the below mentioned points in the beginning after a thorough analysis of the situation:

Length of engagement

Consulting engagement usually runs several weeks or months or years depending on the situation and crisis but starting and stopping period is predetermined so that engagement and costs are in control.


The fee structure is always decided at the beginning to make sure that both parties involved are comfortable, it could be performance based, flat for the engagement or an hourly fee rate depending on comfortability of both the parties.


Clear and measurable goals are established before the team of specialist begins work so that everybody is on the identical page regarding what constitutes undefeated engagement.

Our team of turnaround Specialist do a top to bottom viability assessment of the business to determine its prospects for revival and future profitability. If there is a possibility for revival, then only we take up the assignment, after doing a detailed analysis of the company’s financials and in-depth analytical and brainstorming sessions with key people who have been running the show, which includes, executives, managers and board members, etc.

After this, we tend to prepare a plan of action which lists down our recommendations and milestones for reaching performance benchmarks, it additionally serves as road map for the positive and profitable turnaround.



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