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Financial Services Licensing

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Guide you on license(s) and permit(s) that your business needs. Guide with filing instruction on license/permit application forms with supporting documents requirement.


Guide with filing instruction on license/permit application forms with supporting documents requirement and submit government fees and expedite the process of business licenses issuance.


Our team of licensing experts guides you on compliance deliverables and renewals, so that, you can focus on your mainstream business.

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Foreign Investment Dealers, Asset Management License, Public mutual fund, Investment Bank license, Sandbox License, Collective Investment Scheme & Fund License, Money Transmission and Payment Processing, Services-Based Operator (SBO) License, Payment service provider, Collective Investment Scheme (Cis) & Fund License, Payment Intermediary Services License, Registration of Fund Manager and Administrator for mutual fund, E-Money & Payment Institutions, etc…

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Million Makers through our international partnerships and Association with Licensing professions offers licensing support in the below mentioned countries

STARTING BUSINESS currently offers licensing solutions in the following countries:

Apart from in , we also provide licensing for below mentioned categories and in various jurisdictions.

We manage a very large portfolio of international clients operating in almost all jurisdictions with repeat business from them, with sustenance of our long-term relationships with our clients for so many years due to our service excellence, empathy and competitive pricing.

Documents for license application vary from jurisdiction and the type of license applied for. But basic documents required for business license are mentioned below:
1. Application Forms duly completed and signed
2. Complete set of your corporate documents. For example: Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Registers of Directors, Shareholders and Officers or equivalent documents. Where the applicant company is more than 12 months old, in few jurisdictions and/or based on license type and business licence 6 months old, Certificate of Good Standing.
3. Proof of payment for minimum statutory capital
4. Your company operations manual and internal policies and procedures including corporate governance arrangements, risk management and anti-money laundering policies and procedures, etc.
5. Business Plan along with 3 to 5 years financial projections.

Please provide the following documents for all Directors, Beneficial Owners, Shareholders, Authorized Signatories:

Set of legalized company documents consisting of:

  • Notarized copy of their valid passport.
  • The passport must be signed and the signature should match the signature on the application form.
  • Photograph must be clear and of a good quality
  • Original or Certified copy of utility bill / bank statement (for verification of residential addresses, dated not more than 3 months). the household utility bill (for e.g. electricity, water, gas, or fixed line telephone but not a mobile phone bill, in most of the jurisdiction), alternatively, you can also provide bank statement, credit card statement or bank reference letter (dated not more than 3 months) as proof of address.
  • Original or certified copy of Banker’s reference letter (dated not more than 3 months). Almost all the banks all over the world issue “Reference Letter”. You can simply request Reference Letter from your bank, where you hold an account. The reference letter should indicate confirmation of relationship period, minimum 2 years, Account number, preferably balance as on that date and mention of “account operation is satisfactorily”.
  • Original or certified copy Professional reference letter, it has to be issued by professional company, for example, audit firm, CPA, Law Firm, etc  indicating confirmation of relationship period, minimum 2 years and mention that “business affairs are satisfactory”.
  • Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Personal Resume
  • Police clearance certificate


  • Incase, the documents provided that are not in English language, in that case, certified translations are required, vice-a-versa, for few jusrisdictions.
  • Business license issuing authority, at any point might ask for submission of additional documents or information, if, it may consider necessary.
  • Directors of the applicant company must only be physical persons.
  • Our Company is totally against Money Laundering, Drug Trade, Terrorism and Human Trafficking, hence, WE DO NOT SUPPORT SUCH CLIENTS.


License Type

1. Foreign Investment Dealers 
1.1. Commodity Derivatives Segment: Binary Option, Future
1. Foreign Investment Dealers
1.2. Currency Derivatives Segment: Forex License, Securities/Stock Trading License
2. Collective Investment Scheme (Cis) & Fund License
2.1. Collective Investment Scheme (CI S): Single Fund
2. Collective Investment Scheme (Cis) & Fund License
2.2. Closed-end fund
3. Investment Bank license
4. Payment Intermediary Services License
5. Sand Box License (Virtual Currency Trading License)
6. Asset Management License


License Type

1. Money Transmission and Payment Processing
2. Public mutual fund
3. Registration of Fund Manager and Administrator for mutual fund

Hong Kong

License Type

1. Services-Based Operator (SBO) License
2. Money Service Operators Licensing Guide


License Type

1. Services-Based Operator (SBO) License
2. Singapore Stored Value Facility (SVF) License
3. Travel Agency License


License Type

1. Securities/Stock, Forex Licensev


License Type

1. Forex trading license
2. Payment service provider


License Type

1. E-Money & Payment Institutions
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