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On the basis of your company`s structure and requirement we provide CRM Solution Package and at the same time we also provide customized CRM Solutions, as well.

Project & Task Management

Your teams will be able to create work space with all information centrally available. They can create task for themselves or others. Managers will have access to reports for all levels.

Social Network

Your team and customers will be able to communicating via email but will also be able to communicate through best Social media networks. All at one place.

Company Chat, Chatbots & Video calls

You will be able to create channels, groups and chatbots that enable interaction within the organization and also with your customers.


You can have documents at one place so that they are centrally available to your team and can also be shared with click of a button with your customers.

File storage, Editing & Management

With cloud solution you will have the opportunity to backup and store your files on a secure cloud environment. Solution can be provided within your own infrastructure and also through an external cloud hosting solution.

Calendars & Planning

All in one system. It could be stand alone or through Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

Email Integration

CRM can be integrated with Google Mail, Microsoft Exchange or any SMTP or POP email server, which gets converted into Lead in CRM.

Contact Center Solution

Extensive CRM package for Contact Centers which are suitable for relationship management and sales department`s support. Create reports, sales funnel, invoicing, ticket generation and lot more.

VOIP Telephone services and PBX

Outgoing and incoming calls from your desktop or through SIP-phone or your Mobile. You can make outbound calls to mobile or land lines all over the world at extremely low cost.

Human Resource Management

Various tools to support your Human Resources Department, with most of the functionalities like; Attendance, requesting and granting leaves, expense claims, salary calculation to name a few.

Website Integration

CRM Solution can be integrated directly with your website for customer support and lead generation.

Quotes and Invoice Generation

You and your team can generate Quotes and invoices directly through your CRM, which makes life much more easier as compared to the traditional systems.

Customer Support

You have the freedom to provide robust Customer support system to your customer with facility to document and record client servicing requests and solutions without any hassle.


Million Makers is one stop solution provider for providing solutions to businesses which can help your business not just for IT Solutions but also to expand domestically but also internationally, not just limited to Web development, Ecommerce solutions, Apps development, digital marketing, software solutions and Blockchain tecnology development and implementation for your business at a very competitive pricing, but, we also provide solutions in finalising payment gateway, legal services, financial consulting, Customized HR solutions, incorporating company in any out of 98 jurisdictions suitable for your business needs, opening bank accounts, trademark registration in 119 countries with just one application form, to name a few.

We were also a start-up, that is why, we understand the requirements, planning and training required, the pains. We help, support and mentor Start-ups to move in the right direction in the fastest possible time frame with the lowest possible costs.


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Incubation & Funding

We have a very large network of International investors, hence, as support, we also help connecting our start-ups with potential investors.

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