Business Immigration

Business Immigration

Support to individuals, families, and companies.

Business immigration, also known as:

  • Business based immigration
  • Investor immigration
  • Entrepreneur immigration
  • Self-employed immigration
  • Startup immigration

Our Business Immigration Lawyers guide procedures of business visa, investor visa, also known as, entrepreneur visa, self-employed visa, startup visa application by general public.

Need to know

Business immigration service provider our services start with business immigration consultancy, including, business-based immigration, also known as, business immigration, investor immigration, self-employed immigration, entrepreneur immigration and startup immigration, our lawyers, specialize in business immigration and guide suitable procedure for business immigration program, also known as, self-employed immigration program, entrepreneur immigration program, investor visa program, startup immigration program, whichever applicable.

We provide best business immigration services, through our best immigration law firm, best immigration solicitors, best business immigration attorneys, best business immigration consultants, best business immigration lawyers and best immigration consulting firm.

All in one solution for relocation starting from company formation, businesses available for sale, hiring employees, bank account opening making it easy for entrepreneurs.
With all you would need!

Affordable services for business immigration | LEGALLY CRAFTED FOR YOUR SUCCESS

Specialized Business Immigration Assistance

We at Million Makers help Individuals, families, investors and companies seeking assistance with business immigration and investor visas with complex immigration process all throughout the world, by guiding them in planning and following the processes and procedures and help them find the right solutions based on their goals and aspirations. Our clients come from all across the world, including, India, China, Canada, United States of America, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa, etc. We have a detailed understanding of International immigration law and the processes for applying for visas, temporary residency, permanent residency and citizenship. Our extensive knowledge and partnerships enables us to help our clients navigate through the complexities of immigration challenges in an effective and efficient manner, maintaining the cost effectiveness.

Business immigration is for individuals who want to relocate either alone or with their family to a new country and invest there or start business(s).

We at Million Makers help Individuals, families, investors and companies seeking assistance with business immigration and investor visas with complex immigration process all throughout the world, by guiding them in planning and following the processes and procedures and help them find the right solutions based on their goals and aspirations. There are lots of countries which welcome experienced and specialized people who are willing to contribute to their development and growth and hence offer 2 types of business immigration:

business immigration program, entrepreneur immigration program, self-employed immigration program, startup immigration program and investor visa program.

My family always thanks you for your guidance and support and most importantly for having so much patience and being so empathetic.


  • Management and Control of an actual business
  • The applicant(s) should:

(i) Control a percentage of equity of a qualifying business.
(ii) Provide active and ongoing management in the business; and
(iii) Create full-time job opportunities for citizen(s) of the country other than the entrepreneur applicant and their family members.

Special Immigration Support for:

  • ● Business immigration
  • ● Investor immigration
  • ● Entrepreneur immigration
  • ● Self-employed immigration
  • ● Business immigration program.
  • ● Investor immigration program.
  • ● Entrepreneur immigration program.
  • ● Startup immigration program.
  • ● Startup immigration
  • ● Investor Visa.
  • ● Self-employed immigration program.
  • ● Residency by Investment.

Special business immigration support for individuals and families.

We provide free consulting for business immigration program, also known as, investor immigration program, entrepreneur immigration program, startup immigration program, self-employed immigration program and residency by investment.

For Investor Immigration Programs Like:

Note* “For certain countries there are programs launched by government for citizenship by investment and residency by investment, also known as, golden visas for fast track application process, please let us know if you are interested in such a program. We provide special assistance for such programs”

Citizenship by Investment

Second Passport

Permanent Residency by Investment

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Steps followed for Business Immigration

Business Immigration Lawyer will provide detailed documentation assistance for your successful business immigration. Our standard services for Business Immigration includes:

  • ● Free Consultation for business immigration.

  • Profile Assessment for business immigration.

  • ● Documentation Services

  • ● Support in drafting business plan.

  • ● Provide Market Research, if required.

  • Work Permit Application.

  • Net Worth Assessment and Immigration business plan.

  • Business Exploratory Visit Assistance.

  • Business Interviews with Incubators.

  • Residency Application Filing.

Extensive Support for:

  • Visa strategy, planning and preparation.

  • Visa filing process.

  • Work Permit Application.

  • Immigration compliance training.

  • Business owners verification training.

  • Family filling and verification training.

  • Employee verification training, if required.

We provide affordable business immigration services, through our affordable immigration law firm, affordable immigration solicitors, affordable business immigration consultants, affordable business immigration lawyers and affordable immigration consulting firm.

Business Immigration and Other Services

(We provide support and other 106 Countries)

When you immigrate to a new country to establish a new business, it become important that you have a good partner, who can provide other supports required by you at affordable prices, to help you to save costs and time.

Apart from business immigration consulting, we provide lots of other business and HR services also, that not even a single service provider can even think of, hence, making us one and only partner who can provide so many supports for almost anything you`ll need, hence, a making us one-stop solution provider and 106 countries.

“We have invested years of experience and globally to help individuals, businesses and families in achieving their goals and aspirations.”

We support our client’s way beyond just business immigration that any single service provider or International can, due to our experience in almost all spheres gained through our years of experience in our relationships and internationally.

Incorporate a Company

As part of business immigration procedure, we help you register company (Our prices are cheaper than any local service provider.)

Offshore Company

If you have offshore business structure, then we can help you setup offshore company.


Bank Account opening

Any investor immigrating would need personal bank account and company bank account, we can also assist with offshore bank accounts.

Business for Sale

Immigration for Entrepreneurs, we can help you buy an existing business that is for sale for your immediate start.


HR Services

Our HR Consultants can help you hire team. Our manpower company can help you with quick recruitment.
Free job postings.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Affordable VoIP services, including virtual numbers and business phones, help reduce cost and 101 countries.

Financial Planning Support

When moving to a foreign you would have to plan your finances that is where we step in for working capital financing, equipment financing or be it due diligence for business or accounting we can also help you to get cryptocurrency exchange license.

Virtual Office Address

If you need prestigious virtual office address for your business, contact our business immigration team.
65 international locations
Give your business international wings.


Setup business

Before business immigration, know more about all our supports to setup business, we support honest individuals who want to immigrate based on business and contribute to economy.

All required Solutions provided

Merchant Account and Payment gateway

Use our consultancy, free for business immigration clients for credit card processing with international payment processing.

Startup Immigration and IT Solutions

If you are a startup immigrating or an established business relocating, then you require a strong online presence, we provide below mentioned IT services.

Our Immigration Solicitors and Immigration Law firm

We provide legal business immigration solutions and success for our clients is very important,, we are leaders, our law firm has best immigration solicitors, we have reputation for delivering best client servicing experience with clear strategic immigration solutions to entrepreneurs and international corporation. Our business immigration team provides crafted solutions for Client`s success.

Free Consultation, Free Support

Professional Business Immigration Guidance and Support

Request Free Consultation for Investor Immigration

Supported Countries for Business Immigration

Everything You Need to Know

Overview of Process for business immigration, business based immigration, investor immigration, entrepreneur immigration, self employed immigration and startup immigration

As an individual or owner or principal of an independent firm or corporate, everybody is challenged not only with process of managing day-to-day activities, but, conjointly with ensuring the short term and long term success of their firm. But as cost of doing business is rising and compliance requirements creating even greater operational challenges, you may be left wondering how you will continue to survive – not to mention thrive – during this new era.

Step by Step Process – From Start to Success

Step 1 : Identify the needs of Individual / Family / Business.
Step 2 : Selection of the best opportunities / Option for a successful fulfilment of Goals and objectives.
Step 3 : Sending best options for approval.
Step 4 : If possible, monitoring visits to the country, if not already there.
Step 5 : Study the feasibility.
Step 6 : Accounting and tax advice, if applicable.
Step 7 : Overview and detailed explanation of the opportunities possible.
Step 8 : Supervision in the process.
Step 9 : Preparation and submission to the relevant Authorities.
Step 10 : SUCCESS!

  • One Stop Shop

    Business immigration everything for your business or rest of the world.

  • Personalized service

    We provide best business immigration support for immigration planning for any scale of business.

  • Tailor Made Approach

    Backed by international business immigration experience and business environment, we craft solutions for entrepreneurs.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our Business immigration services offer the cheapest pricing, with high success rate.

  • Strong Industry Expertise

    We have taken years of experience for investor immigration supporting startups, small businesses and corporations.

  • Wealth of Experience

    Experienced business immigration solicitors and law firm which provides support to clients.

  • Quality

    We have best solicitors for self-employed businessmen for immigration committed for your success.

  • 1 Point of Contact

    Our best solicitor from our business immigration consulting firm will coordinate with you.

  • Unique Cultural Awareness

    We have international experience in business immigration , hence, we are always ready with plan B.

  • Global Footprint

    In case, your business immigration fails, there are 106 countries that we service for with plan B.

We do not support or provide Business Immigration services to below mentioned Individuals or businesses:


Strategic Planning Recommendations

Strategic immigration program planning that can help you meet your global mobility goals and aspirations in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Hand Holding and Patience

We very well understand that the entire process is for you and your family’s future and you would require a lot of guidance and hand holding through the entire process. Don`t worry we are there for you!

Client Training

Client Training

We understand that immigration is often a very complicated field and believe that true relationship involves sharing of information. At Million Makers we offers our clients training on a wide range of immigration topics. We work very patiently with our Clients.

Review Meeting

Review Meeting

We periodically meet our client or have video conferencing, depending on their availability. These meetings are corporate goals, policies or practices that could affect their immigration program, analyse and determine potential program modifications. We do not charge anything extra for these consultancies and meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions – Business Immigration

Business Immigration to 106 countries!



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