Legal Services

Legal Services

We provide Economic Immigration Services for:

  • Best legal support
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Our team of business lawyers, tax lawyers, corporate lawyers, employment and labor lawyers, real estate lawyers, business attorneys, tax attorneys, corporate attorneys, employment and labor lawyers, property attorneys, business law attorneys

One stop affordable law firm provides legal support through our legal teams, business lawyers, corporate lawyers, employment and labor lawyers, employment lawyers, tax lawyers, estate planning lawyers, property lawyers, commercial lawyers, business litigation lawyers, business law lawyers, business attorneys, corporate attorneys, employment and labor attorneys, employment attorneys, tax attorneys, estate planning attorneys, property attorneys, commercial attorneys, business litigation attorneys, business law attorneys, business solicitors, corporate solicitors, employment and labor solicitors, employment solicitors, tax solicitors, estate planning solicitors, property solicitors, commercial solicitors, business litigation solicitors, business law solicitors, through our business law firms, corporate law firms, tax law firms, real estate law firms, business litigation law firms and business law firms.

Why our business law firm?

We understand that you have a business which needs your involvement, our business law firm through professional business lawyers and business attorneys handle complexities of legal issues and legal requirements for you, starting from business registration to employment and labor issues, like, business litigation, financial litigation, intellectual property registration to real estate related legalities at very low cost.

  • International legal Experience

  • Professional yet lowest pricing in the market

  • Trusted by 6000 individuals and companies

  • Flexibility of payment for legal consulting.

  • Save overall Cost on your legal services budget

  • Local legal Expertise

Feel free to contact us for best legal services, best business law firms, best business lawyers, best corporate lawyers, best mergers and acquisitions lawyers, best employment lawyers, best tax lawyers, best intellectual property lawyers, best general practice lawyers, best incorporation lawyers, best real estate lawyers, best financial lawyers, best commercial lawyers, best business litigation lawyers, also known as, best business attorneys, best business paralegal, best business solicitors, best business attorneys, best business barristers and for free legal consultation.


Legal Services, Immigration Lawyer, Attorney are often thought to be one of the more expensive things a person may need during his / her life – next to emergency medical care and the costs of buying a home. Fortunately, if you have the right partner the cost goes drastically down. We arrange low-cost legal services for Families, Individual, Students, Companies and Corporates. Matters associated to Immigration, International Education, Work Permit, Business Consultancy, International Placement / Employment, Business Valuation, financial advisory, real estate advisory, temporary residency permit, permanent residency permit, citizenship, due diligence and compliance, Company Formation, Shelf Company, Business for Sale, Bank Account Opening, Accounts Outsourcing, Virtual Office, Virtual Phone Numbers, IT Products and services like Domain, Hosting, cloud solutions, Customized Website Designing and Development, Hiring Employees, HR outsourcing, CRM Setup and integration, Merchant Account, Business Licensing, Trade Mark Registration, Customized Website Designing, Logo Designing, Business financing, Shareholder and member agreements, Organizational documents, Real estate purchases and lease agreements, Drafting of contracts and agreements, Legally compliant operational policies and employee manuals, Franchise purchasing and sales are directly serviced and managed by Million Makers but for complex legal matters and support, we at Million Makers through our partners / Tie-up / Associates: Lawyers and Law firms with best and experienced Lawyers and Consultants have always tried and protected our clients by providing best Legal Services 24 X 7 at very nominal fees so that our clients can handle any kind of problem or legal issues in their personal as well as professional life, we have corporate tie-ups at best negotiated rates in US, Europe, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Indonesia, India, Albania, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States of America

Feel free to contact us for top legal services, top business law firms, top business solicitors, top corporate solicitors, top mergers and acquisitions solicitors, top employment solicitors, top tax solicitors, top intellectual property solicitors, top general practice solicitors, top incorporation solicitors, top real estate solicitors, top financial solicitors, top commercial solicitors, top business litigation solicitors, also known as, top business lawyers, top business paralegal, top business lawyers, top business solicitors and top business barristers.

Our standard services include


Feel free to contact us for affordable legal services, affordable business law firms, affordable business attorneys, affordable corporate attorneys, affordable mergers and acquisitions attorneys, affordable employment attorneys, affordable tax attorneys, affordable intellectual property attorneys, affordable general practice attorneys, affordable incorporation attorneys, affordable real estate attorneys, affordable financial attorneys, affordable commercial attorneys, affordable business litigation attorneys, also known as, affordable business lawyers, affordable business paralegal, affordable business solicitors, affordable business attorneys and affordable business barristers.

List of Legal Services

Verbal legal consultation $100
Unlimited provision of standard documents and instructions on drawing them up $50
Entrust the negotiations to the lawyer $200
Written consultation $100
Verbal legal consultation on matters of entrepreneurial activity $100
Drawing up of automobile-related documents (application, claim, complaint, etc.) $200
Discount for using additional services 5%
Legal Packages for Individual and Students $500
Legal Packages for Families $1000
Legal Packages for Businesses $2000

Additional Services

Drawing up of a claim to a first instance court
civilstarting from $300
criminalstarting from $500
administrativestarting from $250
Drawing up of an appellate claim
criminalstarting from $300
administrativestarting from $250
Representation in a first instance court
civilstarting from $750
criminalstarting from $1000
administrativestarting from $500
Drawing up of an appellate claim
civilstarting from $300

Areas of Legal Practice






















International Business Lawyers

One legal partner for 106 countries

We provide legal services and 106 countries with our legal experience you can expect best and honest legal services for us our clients are important and our international ethic code followed enables us to provide best and honest legal services to our clients and internationally.

With years of experience in comprehensive understanding of the international legal environment and our solicitors have hands on experience in North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Oceanic, the Caribbean and Asia, and they speak your local language. If you are an individual or a business and are looking for international legal services then our team of litigators in specific country, helps in managing parallel litigations and legal services in multiple jurisdictions guiding you with the help of a local attorney, our lawyers also counsel clients on the pros and cons of arbitration in cross border transactions and to conduct arbitrations.

Apart from this, if you are registering a new company or offshore or preparing to sell or buy a business or internationally, lawyers can help negotiating with shareholders who are somewhere not or in the country or if you are preparing to finalize a commercial transaction and need a representative to ensure compliance or elsewhere.

“it is very important for you to protect the legal rights and interests of yourself and your business.”

A business law lawyer has an main duty to save your company`s cost, which can be done by way of proper structuring of business operations, facilitation of smooth and efficient transactions, assistance with taxation and also regulatory structure and day to day compliance.

We at Million Makers are dedicated for developing legal practices that serves international business law clients.

Feel free to contact us for international legal servicesinternational business law firmsinternational business lawyersinternational corporate lawyers, international mergers and acquisitions lawyers, international employment lawyers, international tax lawyers, international intellectual property lawyers, international general practice lawyers, international incorporation lawyers, international real estate lawyers, international financial lawyers, international commercial lawyers, international business litigation lawyers, also known as, international business lawyers, international business paralegal, international business solicitors, international business attorneys and international business barristers.

Our Packages

For Individuals

$500.00 /Year

  • Verbal legal consultation
  • Entrust the negotiations to the lawyer
  • Provision of standard documents and instructions on drawing them up
  • Number of users

For Families

$1000.00 /Year

  • Verbal legal consultation
  • Entrust the negotiations to the lawyer
  • Provision of standard documents and instructions on drawing them up
  • Number of users

For Companies

$2000.00 /month

  • Verbal legal consultation
  • Entrust the negotiations to the lawyer
  • Provision of standard documents and instructions on drawing them up
  • Number of users
  • You can refer to our additional services as well.

legal support

$Let’s Talk for specialized legal support

We do

Drawing up of a claim to a first instance court:
Criminal, Civil, Administrative
Drawing up of an appellate claim
Representation in a first instance court
Representation in an appellate court
Legal assistance in the establishment
reorganization and liquidation of legal entities

Solved 19,132 Requests and Still Counting…

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Everything You Need to Know

Legal Packages for Individuals and Students, includes, below mentioned services

ServicesFor Individuals and Students
Verbal legal consultation3 times a year
Entrust the negotiations to the lawyer6 times a year
Provision of standard documents and instructions on drawing them upUnlimited
Contract conclusion supportOne time in a year
Written consultationNo
Verbal legal consultation on matters of entrepreneurial activityNo
Number of users1
Discounts for additional services5%

Legal Packages for Families, includes, below mentioned services

Verbal legal consultation12 times a year
Entrust the negotiations to the lawyer12 times a year (or one time in a month)
Provision of standard documents and instructions on drawing them upUnlimited
Contract conclusion support3 times in a year
Written consultation1
Verbal legal consultation on matters of entrepreneurial activityNo
Number of users3
Discounts for additional services10%

Legal Packages for Businesses, includes, below mentioned services

Verbal legal consultationUnlimited
Entrust the negotiations to the lawyer24 times a year (or 2 times in a month)
Provision of standard documents and instructions on drawing them upUnlimited
Contract conclusion support6 times in a year
Written consultation4
Verbal legal consultation on matters of entrepreneurial activityUnlimited
Number of users3
Discounts for additional services15%
Million Makers Care

Experience the difference.


Care build with you in mind.

  • One Stop Shop

    Legal Services for businesses and individuals or rest of the world.

  • Personalized service

    Best legal services and support for legal planning for any scale of business.

  • Tailor Made Approach

    Backed by international legal services experience and business environment, good solutions.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our Legal services offer the low cost pricing, with high legal success rate.

  • Wealth of Experience

    Experienced legal services solicitors and law firms which provides support to clients.

  • Quality

    We have best business attorneys for individuals and businessmen who want to succeed.

  • 1 Point of Contact

    Our top business attorneys from our legal business firms will provide you best legal support.

  • Unique Cultural Awareness

    We understand the international language and provide legal aid, for business families and individuals.

  • Strong Industry Expertise

    So many years of experience legal services by supporting startups, individuals, small businesses and big companies.

  • Global Footprint

    We are international law firm providing best legal support.

Our Legal services are offered to a wide range of businesses of all types and sizes. We service the following industries:

  • Legal services for Banking

  • Business Lawyers for Business Process Outsourcing

  • Business law firm for Infrastructure and Construction

  • Business attorney for Education

  • Business solicitors for Food & Beverage

  • Legal services for Health Care

  • Business Lawyers for Manufacturing

  • Business law firm for Hydropower

  • Business attorney for Insurance

  • Business solicitors for Information Technology

  • Legal services for Legal Services

  • Business Lawyers for Travel & Tourism

  • Business law firm for Petrochemicals

  • Business attorney for Research & Development

  • Business solicitors for Financial Services

  • Legal services for Crypto Industry

  • Business law firm for Telecommunications

  • Business attorney for Agricultural Production & Research

  • Business solicitors for Automobile

Legal Services by business lawyers

Compliance and Due Diligence

Legal services, related to legal norms and litigations for Corporates or small businesses, there is always, special legal support for our clients. Free legal assistance for any legal issue or concern.

Compliance and Due Diligence

Our legal Compliance team provides extensive support to keep you legally safe with their compliance and due diligence as per laws and guidelines issued as per LAWS.Get support now.

Other Services

Along with legal services

Apart from legal consulting, we also provide business, IT and HR services also, providing a total legal solution making us one-stop shop along with 106 countries.

Countries of helping businesses, individuals and families.

Registration of Company

We can help you registration of company or Offshore and 106 Countries.

Bank Account Opening

Need help with corporate bank account or offshore bank accounts.

Payment Processing

Need online payment processing be it fintech payment account or crypto.

Business for Sale

After Legal Services if you plan to  buy business, we can help.

HR Services

Our HR company can help you with fill positions faster.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Need virtual or tollfree numbers also available for 103 countries

Cryptocurrency License

We can help with crypto currency licensing through offshore and EU jurisdictions.

Virtual Office Address

Virtual office address at 66 international locations.

Setup business

With our legal services, start legal business.

Existing Company

Purchase existing company or buy offshore company, we can help with all you need.

Immigration Support

Need help with residence and work Permit for business owner(s).

Trademark registration

We can help you with IP and trademark registration at affordable price.

IT Solutions

We can help your business with best business promotion support thought our software development division though web designing services, e-commerce development services, web development services, blockchain development services, app development services, software development services and SEO services.

Any Support and all the supports

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