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Business Valuation Services

Our valuation professionals have extensive expertise in accounting, taxation, economics and valuation theory. Just as important, we possess the practical experience and business savvy needed to identify issues at company specific as well as industry specific levels and evaluate subjective factors globally that drive business values.We work closely with clients and advisors to develop objective, independent valuations that are tailored to meet the client’s needs. We furnish valuation or calculation reports designed to withstand the scrutiny of tax authorities, auditors, courts, mediators and other interested parties.

Irrespective of whether you are looking forward to sell a portion of your business or merge with another company, business valuation is always first step to assess your business`s worth. At Million Makers we use objective measures to evaluate capital structure, market value of assets, future earning potential and lots of other criteria. Several criteria’s and parameters are taken into consideration for any business valuation. Apart from revenues, other parameters such as history, business type, stock value, competition, general economic value, etc. are considered during a fully-fledged business valuation.

Outsource business valuation services to us and get expert help from our well experienced analysts and business appraisers to evaluate your business or business that you are interested in buying. Our unique approach ensures that you get personalized attention right from the word start at the same time keeping costs under control. Our team will always keep you apprised during valuation process.

Business Valuation Services Offered by us:

Million Makers is a global outsourcing firm which offers professional business valuations services to international clients.

Audit Support

During the process you will be getting regular updates on regulatory changes and use business valuation to audit requirements such as model validations, complex security pricing, fair value appraisals, etc.

Capital Asset Advisory

We always mitigate risk and return objectives after identifying. Our team of professionals will do a thorough valuation on capital assets and real estate.

Industry Reports

We also provide valuation services specific different industries by generating industry specific reports pertaining to products, services and different asset classes.

Third-party Validation

Our group of experts fulfil streamlined third-party requirements by validating information provided by banks and third-party advisors such as models, data, opinions and valuations.

Compliance of Transaction Valuation

We also do compliance review of tax structures, goodwill impairment, price allocation and alternatively other reporting standards that are different in all the countries so that you are compliant Internationally.

Start-up Valuations

These services are aimed at assisting entrepreneurs, crowd funding and venture capitalists in negotiations on equity ownership positions and valuation of equity, while, you are trying to raise start-up capital for your new venture.

Transaction Advisory

We concentrate on synergy analysis for M&A modelling, calculation of optimal debt and equity, validation of models, LBO, and DCF modelling, preparing pitch presentations and completing memorandum information.

Due Diligence Support

Whether it’s data room organization and communication with parties or data collection and investigative due diligence, our team of experts can assist you with all aspects of due diligence

Key Indicator Reports

Our dedicated teams of professionals globally, on the basis of industry benchmarks and company specific data on the basis of historical data and forecasts, prepare relevant valuation parameters for such financial models through reports and data sheets, which help many companies and industries.

Scenario Analysis

You will get powerful reports on risk assessment and make informed decision from valuations based on scenarios. Additionally, we provide business valuation service for scenario analysis including mortgage backed securities and collateralized debt obligations.

Tax Advisory

We have dedicated teams of professionals globally who research and recommend on tax-related issues such as valuation of tax, estate and gift tax valuation, valuation of inheritance tax, restructured tax valuation, and impact of tax towards charitable contributions made, etc.

Financial Statement Analysis

Our teams of professionals, assess income and cash flow by performing a detailed analysis of current and historical financial statements to provide data and recommendations for stability and volatility both.



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