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New generation of payment solutions for Spain

We provide consultancy for merchant account in Spain, Payment gateway in Spain, fintech merchant account in Spain, fintech payment gateway in Spain, crypto merchant account in Spain, merchant accounts for small businesses in Spain, payment gateway for small businesses in Spain, Credit Card Processing in Spain, merchant accounts solutions in Spain, payment gateway integration in Spain, merchant account integration in Spain, offshore merchant account in Spain, offshore payment gateway in Spain, offshore fintech merchant account in Spain, payment merchant account in Spain, digital payment solutions in Spain, shopping cart integration in Spain, ecommerce integration in Spain, ecommerce integration for your website in Spain, international Business Account opening services for Spain and also solution for high risk merchant account in Spain.

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Introduction and History of Spain

Spain is a nation situated on the Iberian Peninsula in South Western Europe. It is arranged in both Northern and eastern halves of the globe of the Earth. Spain is circumscribed by 5 nations: by Portugal in the west, by France and Andorra in the upper east, by Gibraltar and Morocco (the Spanish regions of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa), in the south. The nation is limited by the Mediterranean Sea in the east and southeast, by the Atlantic Ocean in the northwest and southwest, and by the Bay of Biscay in the north. Spain imparts its oceanic outskirts to Algeria and Italy.

People have possessed Spain since the Stone Age. 200,000 years prior, early human progenitors called Neanderthals lived in the territory that is currently Spain. It was around 40,000 years back when present-day people showed up in the region, including the Iberians, the Celts, and the Phoenicians, the remainder of whom colonized the land in the year 1100 BCE.

Romans inevitably attacked the Iberian promontory, and constantly 220 BCE, Roman culture overwhelmed the land totally. This fortification would proceed for around 300 years until the Empire started to blur and the Visigoth individuals from Eastern Europe got comfortable, administering the land.

In the mid 700s, Arab and Berber individuals from North Africa crossed into Spain by means of the Strait of Gibraltar. They carried with them Muslim culture and customs. These conventions would affect the promontory for in any event 800 additional years to come.

How E-Commerce functions in Spain:

At the point when a Visa exchange is handled, data must be shipped off a payment gateway to check whether the cardholder has adequate assets. For conventional exchanges, this is by and large piece of the retail location (POS) machine, which peruses the cardholder’s information and checks with the Mastercard organization to guarantee the exchange can experience.

Card-present exchanges are commonly viewed as the most un-powerless to misrepresentation. This implies that the rates related to these exchanges are frequently the least Visa processors offer. Notwithstanding, card-present exchanges are not by any means the only method to acknowledge Visa payments from a client.

A “entered in” or “card-not-present” exchange is done online through a payment gateway, which associates with the Visa organization. Any business that needs to acknowledge charge cards via telephone or through online entry requires a payment gateway. You could likewise utilize a payment gateway if your clients habitually put in pickup requests early.

The charge card processor you band together with can set up a payment gateway for you simultaneously your merchant account is set up. In any case, payment gateways for the most part cost an extra month to month charge, and card-not-present exchanges ordinarily have higher rates than card-present exchanges.

Best Payment Solution Providers for Spain

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Merchant Services for Spain.

Merchant Account Services for Spain.

Payment Gateway Services for Spain.

Fintech Services for Spain.

Digital Payment Service Providers for Spain.

Forex Merchant Account Services for Spain.

Offshore Merchant Account Services for Spain.

High Risk Merchant Account Services for Spain.

Our Benefits

We provide businesses in Spain with best solutions.

  • International Experience

    Our consultants have experience for Spain and international payment solutions.

  • Best Structure Spain

    Our recommendations are based on business structure in Spain and international expansion.

  • 100% Legal in Spain

    Legally and secure as per laws in Spain for your business in Spain.

  • International Payments in Spain

    Multiple Payment methods for Spain, 150+ Payment methods for Spain from 170+ countries.

  • Digital payment solutions in Spain

    Credit card processing plus receive in Spain through PayPal and other e-wallets.

  • Ecommerce Integration in Spain

    If you need support, our team for Spain can integrate the payment system for your ecommerce business in Spain.

Global Payment Services for Spain

Check list of businesses in HIGH RISK categories in Spain supported for Global Payment System.


Merchant accounts in Spain.

Merchant account for your business in Spain, is like, a business bank account in Spain allowing your business establishment either small business in Spain or large corporations to accept electronic payments in Spain for your goods or services. We provide consultancy to businesses in Spain, after understanding their business objectives in Spain or globally and connect them with merchant account service providers for Spain. Merchant account for Spain helps your business to start accepting credit cards payments and / or several different types of electronic payments.

Merchant account services come with an added processing fees, hence, it is important to choose wisely with the help our experienced consultants.

Choosing the right Merchant account company for your business is particularly important to avoid unexpected challenges and your merchant account should be able to solve your business transactions and online business growth.

  • ● Business merchant account
  • ● Merchant account for ecommerce
  • ● Fintech merchant account
  • ● Crypto merchant accounts
  • ● Offshore merchant account
  • ● International merchant account

We help to reduce merchant account cost in Spain and credit card processing fees

Let us help you with affordable merchant accounts in Spain, affordable merchant accounts providers in Spain consultancy provided by top merchant account consultants in Spain

Payment gateway in Spain

Affordable payment gateway for your business in Spain to accept debit and credit card in Spain for your online store. Based on your business requirements for Spain, we might suggest highly effective and cheaper alternative for Spain and your global payments to and from Spain that might suit your business structure in Spain better than a traditional payment gateway.

We have been connecting clients from Spain to the best suited payment gateway providers for Spain.

Our objective is to help businesses in Spain to save “cost, flourish and be future ready”, our payment gateway consultancy for Spain is meant for startups in Spain, small businesses, and corporations in Spain.

Connecting the right payment gateway provider for Spain by helping you choose perfect payment gateway solution for Spain for your business:

  • ● International Payment Gateway for Spain
  • ● Payment Gateway for ecommerce for Spain
  • ● Fintech Gateway for Spain
  • ● Crypto Payment Gateway for Spain
  • ● Offshore Payment Gateway for Spain

To help you save cost!

Let us help you with affordable payment gateway in Spain, affordable payment gateway providers in Spain supported by top payment gateway consultants in Spain

Fintech accounts in Spain, Fintech merchant accounts in Spain and Fintech services in Spain

Fintech Accounts in Spain

Power of FINTECH for your business in Spain, accept payment for your business in Spain from various sources like, credit cards in Spain, PayPal, STRIPE, SKRILL for Spain, including payments from internet banking in Spain, E-wallets in Spain, bank transfers in Spain, cash paid in other countries for Spain, local payments made abroad for Spain, crypto currencies and payments made for Spain through mobile operators.

Fintech Merchant account in Spain can receive payment from:

  • ● Internet banking in Spain.
  • ● E-wallets in Spain.
  • ● Bank transfers in Spain.
  • ● Cash paid for sales in Spain, in other countries.
  • ● Local payments made by clients outside Spain.
  • ● Crypto currency payments for Spain.

Crypto merchant accounts in Spain

Peace of Mind. Puzzled, let us help your business in Spain to get best crypto merchant account, also know as, bitcoin merchant account

Affordable Rates. Our goal is to find provider for Spain for your bitcoin merchant account for your business.

Fast Approvals. Fast approvals mean your customers in Spain can start paying faster.

High Volume Processing. High volume, bitcoin merchant accounts for Spain gives you the processing capacity you need to grow your business in Spain. 

Chargeback Prevention. Stop chargebacks claims in Spain to secure your sale and loss. Fight chargebacks in Spain, that you can easily win.

Fraud prevention tools. Set aside questionable orders in Spain for review and Stop fraudulent transactions in Spain.

Best Crypto payment solutions in Spain for your business.

Let us help you with affordable crypto accounts in Spain, affordable crypto merchant accounts in Spain, affordable crypto payment gateway in Spain, affordable crypto payment gateway providers in Spain provided by affordable crypto payment gateway consultants for Spain

crypto merchant accounts in Spain, crypto merchant accounts in Spain and crypto payment gateway in Spain
payment gateway integration in Spain, merchant accounts integration in Spain, ecommerce integration in Spain

Payment gateway integration in Spain or merchant account integration

The process of integration in Spain for credit card processing using payment gateway for Spain for your online business could be daunting to you in Spain but for us it is every days job, for your business in Spain, if you want your website to accept online payments from Spain or globally, our team can support at nominal costs. Integrate payment gateway in Spain or merchant account to your website in Spain or ecommerce store for secure payment processing in Spain.

Our software company, can help you with integration in Spain for payment gateway and merchant account in Spain, so that, you can start accepting payments online from Spain and from international clients. The integration process for Spain is not easy that`s why we support with Seamless Integration in Spain at affordable prices.

Most important thing for any business in Spain is lesser cart abandonment and successful purchases in Spain, we help you to accept credit cards in Spain, e-wallets, or be it cryptocurrencies in Spain, simply with best solution in the market for Spain, making your client`s shopping experience pleasurable. Our development team for Spain is certified with all popular merchant accounts for Spain and payment gateways.

Crafted with perfection for your business in Spain! Seamless Integration...

Let us help you with Affordable Payment Gateway Integration in Spain, Affordable Merchant Account Integration in Spain, Affordable Ecommerce integration in Spain, Affordable Shopping Cart Integration in Spain, Affordable Ecommerce Integration for Website in Spain, Affordable Payment gateway integration company in Spain and Affordable merchant account integration company in Spain.

Payment Methods for Spain

Internet Banking in Spain

merchant account service in Spain, payment gateway services Spain, payment gateway services providers online in Spain

E Wallet in Spain

e-wallet Spain, digital wallet services Spain

Bank Transfer in Spain

Bank transfer Spain, ACH transfer Spain and Online transfer Spain

Cash in Spain

Cash deposite Spain, cash withdrawl Spain and cash transfer Spain

Pre Payment in Spain

pre-payment Spain and pre-payment methods Spain

Local Card in Spain

credit cards Spain, accept credit cards Spain and make payment with credit cards Spain

International Cards in Spain

International payments Spain, accept International payments Spain, send International payments Spain and recieve International payments Spain

Crypto in Spain

Crypto merchant accounts Spain, Crypto currency merchant accounts Spain, accept Crypto currency Spain, send Crypto currency Spain and recieve Crypto currency Spain

Mobile Operators in Spain

Mobile operators Spain, accept payments Mobile operators Spain, send payments Mobile operators Spain and recieve payments Mobile operators Spain

Consultancy Package

Free for companies incorporated in Spain through us – Register Company in Spain.

Fees includes consultancy for payment solution for Spain and support with setup of payment gateway for Spain or merchant account for Spain or crypto merchant account for Spain or fintech merchant account for Spain or Credit Card Processing for Spain or high risk merchant account for Spain which is best for your business activities in Spain.


Merchant Accout Service:

Merchant Account Fee

Free for companies incorporated in Spain through us

  • 150+ Payment methods
  • Accept payment in Spain from 169+ Countries
  • Zero Set-up fees for your business in Spain
  • No monthly fees to receive payments in Spain

Revenue generated from sales of goods or services from Spain or worldwide can be withdrawn through Bank transfer to Spain, International VISA / MC cards in Spain or even PayPal.

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Other Services


Small businesses in Spain and Start-ups

“We were also a startup and we understand the challenges, mistakes not to make and better planning for the future.”

We take special care for small businesses in Spain and startups, in providing the best value proposition in Spain which offers long term cost saving, which gives them a quick start in Spain required, so that, you can start accepting payments in Spain by quickly getting approved in today`s time where it is a little difficult to be approved by banks in Spain, financial institutions in Spain and intermediaries in Spain for credit card processing and other methods, we have experience for Spain with suggesting more than 10000+ clients from around the world who were a new in Spain or small business establishment once, the objective for your business in Spain is to quickly start processing payments in Spain we can suggest and also help you integrate the merchant account in Spain or payment gateway into your website for Spain, if you need at an extra cost for you to start taking payments for your goods and services.

We provide consultancy for:

  • ● Merchant accounts for small businesses and startups in Spain
  • ● Credit card processing for small businesses and startups in Spain
  • ● Fintech merchant accounts for small businesses and startups in Spain
  • ● Payment Gateway for small businesses and startups in Spain
  • ● Ecommerce merchant accounts for small businesses and startups in Spain
  • ● Fintech Payment Gateway for small businesses and startups in Spain

Also check our other value-added services for Spain, mentioned below.

Need to Know – Spain Merchant Account

  • Consultancy for payment processing in Spain for below mentioned businesses categories:

    • Small Businesses in Spain.
    • Startups in Spain.
    • Big Corporations in Spain.
    • High Risk businesses in Spain.
    • Offshore businesses operating from Spain.
    • Ecommerce businesses in Spain.
    • Freelancers in Spain.
    • Gaming businesses.
    • Multi-level marketing companies.


    We help you in getting you a merchant account / payment gateway, so that, your business can process credit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. ­

  • Few features for payment processing providers for Spain:

    • Insights Usage of real-time data
    • No more paperwork in Spain or surprise fees and PCI compliance procedures.
    • Up-to-date extension to compete with world trends.
    • Accepts payments in Spain in few hours.
    • All charges are displayed at one place, including, payment types, risk levels, countries, and currencies.
    • Dashboard with analytic tools.
    • Sale volumes with virtual terminal support.
  • There are few processors who let business in Spain withdraw funds earned through

    • Bank transfer
    • VISA
    • Mastercard
    • SEPA
    • Qiwi
    • Yandex
    • WebMoney
    • Paypal
  • We charge a Service fee for consultation for credit card processing in Spain or other payment processing methods based on your requirements.

    We try to suggest best service providers for Spain and international payments, who do not charge:

    One Time Set-up fee.
    Monthly fee.
    Mobile and Tablet payment fees.
    Risk management.

  • Disclaimer for services provided in Spain

    We do not support or provide consultation for MERCHANT ACCOUNT in Spain or PAYMENT Gateway in Spain to below mentioned Individuals or businesses in Spain:

    · Payment Solutions for Spain are not provided to Traders or distributors of arms and ammunitions from or to Spain.

    · Payment services for Spain are not provided for Technical surveillance in Spain or industrial espionage of VoIP in or from or to Spain.

    · Payment Gateway Integration for Spain are not provided for any illegal or criminal activities in Spain.

    · Merchant account integration for Spain are not for businesses dealing in Genetic material in Spain.

    · Offshore merchant account from Spain are not provided to business dealing in dangerous or hazardous biological or nuclear weapons in Spain.

    · Offshore fintech merchant account from Spain are not available for companies in Spain dealing in trading, storage, or transportation of Human organs in Spain.

    · Shopping cart integration in Spain is not for illegal Adoption agencies.

    · Ecommerce integration for website in Spain is not for Religious cults and their charities in Spain.

    · High risk merchant account for Spain are not provided to business dealing in Pornography in Spain.

    · We do not support international business payment account for Spain supporting MLM structure.

    · Global Payment Services for Spain is not available for businesses dealing in drug paraphernalia.


    “Important Notice : Million Makers takes reasonable precaution to precure KYC documentation for payment service providers for Spain but at the same time we do not accept any responsibility(s) for any loss in Spain or damage that might arise from services provided by payment service providers in Spain or Globally. We just make our suggestions; due diligence is clients` responsibility.

Other Business services in Spain

(We cover 106 Countries)

Apart from consultancy for choosing the right payment processing partner for Spain, we also support with payment gateway integration for business in Spain and we have a software company which provide affordable web development in Spain, CRM for businesses in Spain, we also provide a wide range of business consulting in Spain, virtual numbers for Spain, manpower consulting in Spain and immigration services in Spain. Hence, a total business solution in Spain and 106 countries.

We have years of experience on our side for Spain and internationally to help individuals and businesses.

We support our clients way beyond any single service provider for Spain or International can due to our experience for Spain gained through our investment in relationships.

Register Company in Spain

We provide the cheapest company registration in Spain provided by best accountants in Spain

Offshore Company from Spain

our experienced offshore business team for Spain can help you register a offshore company from Spain.

Corporate Bank Account in Spain

We provide clients from Spain to open offshore corporate account and international clients to open business bank account in Spain.

HR Consultancy in Spain

HR Consultancy and hiring support in Spain. Our staffing company in Spain can help you fill up your vacancies. Use our free job portal to post vacancies for Spain.

Free CRM for Spain

CRM Software consultation in Spain helping businesses with free CRM for their business in Spain. We fulfill custom CRM integration in Spain, based on business requirements.

Virtual Office in Spain

What to expand from / in Spain and need affordable virtual business address for your business in Spain or at 65 international locations, contact our team.

VoIP Services for Spain

VoIP services for Spain, including Virtual number for Spain and 100 countries and 290 Cities. Spain with new generation of VoIP.

Business for Sale in Spain

Need a ready-made business in Spain that is for sale to help you kick start in Spain, available with due diligence

Starting business, Spain

All the support you need for starting a new business in Spain, we provide all the modern business tools.

Web Development in Spain

Our Software Company for Spain helps businesses having urge to takeover on their competition in Spain with latest technologies in web development, Mobile App development in Spain or website development in Spain and any type of custom software development for Spain.

We provide international standards for website development in Spain, Software development in Spain, E-commerce development in Spain and mobile App development in Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions – Merchant account in Spain

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