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Introduction – Human Resources market in Singapore

Singapore’s economy and workforce are experiencing a critical change. Compelled by our low birth rates and quickly maturing populace, nearby workforce development will back off from 2% to 4% in the past to only 1% in the future. The HR calling is a key empowering agent of the move towards manpower- lean economy and advancement of our human capital. HR experts need to help business change with fitting structure, culture, and capacities. HR experts need to urge organizations to embrace dynamic individual’s practices to draw in, create and hold ability, just as work with the Labor Movement to encourage agreeable work the board relations. As a flat segment, HR supports all the Industry Transformation Maps. Innovation is ending up being a distinct advantage in the field of the human asset, with businesses digitizing frameworks running from employing to execution the executives. Other than improving effectiveness and representative commitment, it opens up new wellsprings of information to help dynamic. This is indispensable, specialists stated, as organizations adjust to industry disturbances and a more manpower condition. HR departments today have an abundance of data, for example, information on worker execution and enrollment battles that can be utilized to comprehend HR execution, approve choices and make more intelligent decisions.AI and AI for instance, will empower a more brilliant, quicker and increasingly responsive HR work, from enlistment to representative commitment and training. It will supplement people and make the way toward filtering through resumes and video meets significantly progressively successful.

The city-state in Southeast Asia comprises the island of Singapore and about 54 smaller islands. The main island is linked by a causeway to Johor Baru on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.

The former British colonial trading post is since its independence in 1965, officially the Republic of Singapore, the city-state is situated 137 km (85 mi) north of the equator, and only south of Peninsular Malaysia. In the south, the Strait of Singapore separates the island from the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia.

Singapore involves an area of 718 km², compared, it is the smallest state in Southeast Asia, somewhat larger than one-fourth of Luxembourg or also marginally larger than 3.5 occasions the size of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC.

The city-state has a population of 5.6 million individuals, and an inhabitant population of 3.9 million (in 2016). Official languages are English (the language of the administration), Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil.

Singapore is famous for being a global financial focus, a shopping paradise, and a spot for a variety of activities, dining, and entertainment. With more HR leaders increasingly included in elevated level organizational strategic conversations, Adecco predicts 10 patterns that will see the HR work influence and shape the business they work for in 2011.

Not just have HR leaders been tasked by the CEO to accomplish more, they have also become a vital part of the company’s overall accomplishment as the war for talent intensifies in Singapore. HR professionals will continually be challenged to diminish cost, increase productivity, and to guarantee that their organization is viewed as a “business of decision”. With these challenges in mind, Adecco has recognized 10 patterns that will influence HR professionals, talent strategies, and the workplace dynamics in Singapore.

  1. Understanding and appreciating Generation Y

While Generation X and Y make up the majority of representatives in the workplace, Gen Y laborers have totally different aspirations and necessities from Gen Xs and Baby Boomers. Gen Ys want to work in dynamic organizations and be driven by inspirational visionary leaders. This is a demographic that flourishes in conditions where morale is high and colleagues are engaged in their work. Retaining Gen Y talent will be vital to each organization – especially during talent times to take care of business.

  1. Talent maintenance strategies

As Singapore’s labor market improves and the pool of available talent diminishes, HR professionals and managers should do all they can to help representative maintenance – especially for superior workers and those in profoundly strategic or traditionally hard-to-fill jobs.

  1. Creative candidate sourcing

In the course of recent years, online recruitment has broadened an organization’s ability to reach out to potential occupation candidates that already may have not been conceivable by conventional occupation advertisement techniques. Social media has taken hiring to much more significant levels as managers interface with talent across many virtual platforms, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, and corporate sites. Companies need to continue embracing online recruitment innovations to attract talent.

  1. Outsourcing

Outsourcing continues to fill in popularity for companies that either want to zero in on center business activities – leaving specialty areas to be outsourced – or for those that understand the cost savings and cycle benefits that can be achieved from utilizing outsourcing partners. Adecco predicts that strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) programs will turn out to be all the more broadly executed by companies in Singapore one year from now.

  1. Productivity and performance measurement

Representative productivity has been generally debated in Singapore this year as it has gotten crucial for organizations to measure workforce performance to achieve better business results. HR professionals should find compelling ways of measuring representative performance and facilitating enhancements where required.

  1. Greater help for work-life balance

Representatives are being tasked to accomplish like never before – regularly in situations following a downsizing or elimination of business work. The danger of workplace burnout continues to be high in many industries and sorts of occupations as many representatives work longer hours than they recently did. HR has to guarantee that companies have strategies in place to recognize situations detrimental to a representative’s work life balance or to the company in general. Health and wellbeing are currently playing a vital part in the upcoming measurements orientated world.

  1. Strategies for mature laborers

Individuals are living longer and in this manner working later in life to either take care of increased retirement costs or for personal reasons. Adecco predicts that organizations should continue developing ways to attract and retain more established specialists – while ensuring that this demographic can be used in a mentoring and “passing on information” capacity for more youthful, less experienced friends. Organizations that recently avoided more established specialists’ requests for employment will think twice and perceive the importance of this valuable talent pool.

  1. The development of “Internal Recruiters”

As qualified talent gets harder to distinguish in many areas and occupation disciplines, recruiting will probably turn into a standalone work within more organizations. HR alone will be unable to successfully manage this capacity in addition to the many other areas in their portfolio. Organizations will increasingly take a gander at outsourcing the hiring capacity to firms that can give onsite staffing administrations and powerful management of all hiring-related activities.

  1. Expansion of contract and adaptable staffing arrangements

As many organizations push ahead with “caution”, contract and temporary staff will continue to be a notable pattern in Singapore. The way to effectively using contingent staffing arrangements would be the manner by which non-permanent representatives are treated within the company – both from a workplace and regard viewpoint, as well as from performance expectations. Singapore presently lags behind North America and Central Europe with regards to utilizing adaptable workforces yet it is fast realizing the benefits of such arrangements.

  1. Further advancement of local talent

Singapore has almost 1,000,000 foreign laborers active in the workplace. Head administrator Lee Hsien Loong has made it clear in his new 2010 National Day Rally discourse that the nation cannot continue its open entryway labor strategy because of limitations on space and assets. With immigration controls presently in place, it is essential that Singapore can independently build up the talent it needs to drive trade forward. Adecco predicts that academic and government institutions will have a greater responsibility in identifying and developing local talent.

Why us as HR Partner for Singapore?

“We understand that you have a business to run, let our HR consultants in Singapore handle complexities of HR processes for you, offloading of recruitment for Singapore from head hunting for Singapore to payroll management system for Singapore or even entire HR outsourcing for Singapore, we do it all for your business at very low cost.”

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HR Services Offered in Singapore

Talent acquisition in Singapore

Our talent acquisition team in Singapore helps employer in identifying and acquiring in Singapore skilled candidates who can support business requirements for Singapore. Our talent acquisition company in Singapore takes over and helps to identify the candidate in Singapore, further in searching for candidates in Singapore or internationally, assessing and then in recruiting the candidate for Singapore so that the vacancy for Singapore can be filled. Talent acquisition team for Singapore takes care of HR planning in Singapore, following HR trends and in building pipeline in Singapore for future talent acquisition.

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PEO in Singapore

  • We manage the entire hiring process in Singapore, on boarding, as well as documentation.
  • We maintain employee benefits in Singapore which includes health insurance in Singapore and other mandatory HR norms in Singapore
  • We manage payroll and attendance in Singapore.
  • We deal with employee issues in Singapore, concerns and problems, to improves client’s efficiency.
  • Tax reporting related for HR in Singapore is done by us and all necessary records maintained for Singapore are given to the client at the end of financial year.
  • We have team of HR professionals in Singapore who respond to any questions of employees in Singapore regarding benefits, HR processes, payroll, and labor laws.
  • We ensure compliance in Singapore, regarding, local laws and regulations of Singapore.
PEO support in Singapore is provided through our PEO services in Singapore, PEO companies in Singapore, PEO consultants in Singapore, PEO agencies in Singapore, PEO firms in Singapore, PEO professionals in Singapore. PEO support in SG is provided through our PEO services in SG, PEO companies in SG, PEO consultants in SG, PEO agencies in SG, PEO firms in SG, PEO professionals in SG.

Affordable PEO services in Singapore | Best PEO company in Singapore | Affordable PEO consultants in Singapore

For PEO consultancy in Singapore

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Executive search in Singapore

At Million Makers HR Labs in Singapore our executive recruitment consultants working with our executive recruiting company in Singapore offers expertise and local contacts in Singapore for your quick executive search. Our objective is to “support our clients in Singapore to succeed with right leadership!”. every search engagement for Leadership position in Singapore is customized for specific objective of your business in Singapore. Our international networks and local network in Singapore with experience for Singapore amplifies our capacity to identify the right candidate.

We can help you in Singapore to fill up your key position for Singapore!

Affordable executive search services in Singapore | Best executive search company in Singapore | Affordable executive search consultants in Singapore

For executive search consultancy in Singapore

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Employment outsourcing in Singapore

Our HR team in Singapore manages your employees best suited for small and medium business in Singapore who want to outsource almost all HR processes and focus on their business in Singapore, including, payroll also. For our employment outsourcing services in Singapore, we add great value and our global expertise for your business in Singapore at a competitive price. We hire employee for you in Singapore at a fee saving time for business activities.

Our employment outsourcing company in Singapore helps with on-boarding, payroll in Singapore and tax processing in Singapore, also.

We collaborate with you in Singapore as your co-employer, which means that our team for Singapore will hire employees for your business in Singapore and we will manage your employees in Singapore, their paperwork, forms, training and development in Singapore, monitoring, legal documents in Singapore, payroll, taxes in Singapore, employee’s compensation in Singapore.

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Affordable employment outsourcing services in Singapore | Best employment outsourcing company in Singapore | Affordable employment outsourcing consultants in Singapore

For employment outsourcing consultancy in Singapore

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Recruitment process outsourcing in Singapore, also known as, RPO in Singapore

We provide personalized HR outsourcing solutions in Singapore to help your business grow in Singapore and other locations by managing your over all human resource management for Singapore. Under recruitment process outsourcing service for Singapore, our team professional team placed for Singapore, takes responsibility of your HR operations in Singapore starting from resume management, screening candidates in Singapore, interview scheduling, on-boarding in Singapore taking care of off-site and also on-site to fulfil your hiring requirement.

After years of experience in Singapore, we understand country`s culture and business environment providing us strong leverage to support you in Singapore to recruit after evaluation of a good candidate.

Recruitment process outsourcing for Singapore is provided through our recruitment process outsourcing services in Singapore, recruitment process outsourcing companies in Singapore, recruitment process outsourcing consultants in Singapore, recruitment process outsourcing agencies in Singapore, recruitment process outsourcing firms in Singapore, recruitment process outsourcing professionals in Singapore. recruitment process outsourcing support in SG is provided through our recruitment process outsourcing services in SG, recruitment process outsourcing companies in SG, recruitment process outsourcing consultants in SG, recruitment process outsourcing agencies in SG, recruitment process outsourcing firms in SG, recruitment process outsourcing professionals in SG.

Affordable recruitment process outsourcing services in Singapore | Best recruitment process outsourcing company in Singapore | Affordable recruitment process outsourcing consultants in Singapore

For recruitment process outsourcing consultancy in Singapore

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International Recruitment in Singapore or Foreign Recruitment in Singapore

We help employer in Singapore to recruit the best manpower resources in Singapore at affordable costs.

Recruitment both domestically from Singapore or if needed, recruit internationally for Singapore.

“This is our forte and we have been helping clients for decades.”

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For manpower consultancy in Singapore.

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Value Added Services for Singapore.

HR Consulting for start-ups in Singapore and small businesses in Singapore

If you are a startup or small business in Singapore looking for HR consulting and solutions? If you need help with planning for HR processes in Singapore?

We at Million Makers can partner with you for Singapore to help you with company formation in Singapore, also, to understand the legal & tax requirements in Singapore, along with, recruitment of employees in Singapore, so that, you can focus on your business in Singapore.

Special HR management consulting support:

Knowledge transfer for legal HR requirements in Singapore.

Recruitment of team in Singapore.

Employee benefits planning in Singapore.

Set up of organizational payroll services in Singapore.

Headhunting for small businesses in Singapore.

Right HR approach for your business in Singapore.

PEO services at affordable price in Singapore.

Cost reduction in Human resources planning in Singapore.

Hire us today as your HR consultant for start-up or small business in Singapore, HR company for start-up or small business in Singapore, HR outsourcing company for start-up or small business in Singapore, HR outsourcing firm for start-up or small business in Singapore, HR agency for start-up or small business in Singapore, payroll company for start-up or small business in Singapore for small business HR consulting in Singapore or for HR consulting to make your start-up in Singapore a success!

Staffing Company and Manpower Company for Singapore

If an employer is not able to find the right candidate in Singapore then our manpower consultancy company for Singapore, also known as, recruitment agency for Singapore, recruitment firm for Singapore, recruitment agency for Singapore, manpower company for Singapore, manpower firm for Singapore, manpower agency for Singapore, staffing company for Singapore, staffing firm for Singapore, staffing agency for Singapore, employment company for Singapore, employment firm for Singapore, employment agency for Singapore can help clients for hiring from other countries at affordable salary.

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Free human resources consultancy in Singapore.

Immigration and Human Resources Singapore

We have been helping companies in Singapore, with fulfilment of organizational Immigration requirements for Singapore like:

  • International Talent Recruitment of Singapore.
  • Work Permit of Singapore for foreign employees.
  • Residency Application filing in Singapore for directors and team.

Need to know – Singapore Human Resources

  • We Offer Our Clients in Singapore

    • Operations reviews and HR audits in Singapore

    • Regulatory legal compliance in Singapore

    • Employee handbook and policy development in Singapore

    • Talent development in Singapore

    • Evaluate company culture and career mobility

    • Assist with recruiting in Singapore, pre-employment assessments and interviews

    • Immigration Solutions in Singapore

    • Improve inefficient processes in Singapore

    • Performance management in Singapore and employee engagement

    • Talent planning in Singapore

    • Retention strategy in Singapore

    • Supervisory training in Singapore

    • HR Risk mitigation in Singapore

    • Change management planning in Singapore

    • Employee on-boarding/off-boarding in Singapore

    • International HR Expansion from Singapore and support

  • We service the following industries:

    • Banking

    • Business Process Outsourcing

    • Infrastructure and Construction

    • Education

    • Food & Beverage

    • Health Care

    • Manufacturing

    • Hydropower

    • Insurance

    • Information Technology

    • Legal Services

    • Travel & Tourism

    • Petrochemicals

    • Research & Development

    • Financial Services

    • Crypto Industry

    • Telecommunications

    • Agricultural Production & Research

    • Automobile

  • Million Makers Care

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    Care build with you in mind.

    • One Stop Shop

      HR consulting in Singapore everything for your business in Singapore or rest of the world.

    • Personalized service

      All your human resources requirements in Singapore, HR planning for any scale of business in Singapore.

    • Tailor Made Approach

      Backed by international HR experience and Singapore`s HR environment, crafted human resources solutions.

    • Competitive Pricing

      Our HR outsourcing company in Singapore offers the lowest pricing, as compared to other local HR companies of Singapore.

    • Strong Industry Expertise

      We have taken years of experience in HR industry in Singapore helping startups, small businesses in Singapore and big giants.

    • Wealth of Experience

      Experienced HR professionals for Singapore and HR specialists for Singapore providing wealth of their experience to clients.

    • Quality

      We have best professional in human resources for Singapore committed to your success in HR domain in Singapore.

    • 1 Point of Contact

      We allocate 1 dedicated professional in Singapore, who will coordinate for all your HR needs.

    • Unique Cultural Awareness

      We have international experience including Singapore, to provide you only the best!

    • Global Footprint

      We are international HR company in Singapore providing best human resources support.

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Legal HR Services Offered in Singapore

Human Resources Attorney in Singapore

Legal services in Singapore, related to HR norms and litigations for Corporates in Singapore and Companies in Singapore. Special legal support for our clients.Free legal assistance in Singapore for human resources issues and concerns in Singapore.

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Due Diligence and Compliance

Our HR Compliance team in Singapore provides extensive support to keep you legally complaint as per Human resources laws and guidelines issued by the Government ministry in Singapore for human resources.

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Professional HR Guidance and HR Support in Singapore

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